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Real-time payroll processing...anytime, anywhere
Ascentis Payroll is a Web-based payroll system that allows you to process payroll in real-time, ensuring 100% accuracy, flexibility and control. Real-time synchronization with Ascentis HR, interfacing capabilities with general ledger and time and attendance systems, and custom reporting bring you the solution to all your toughest payroll processing problems.

Ascentis Payroll stands out from traditional payroll systems by providing instant payroll processing. Real-time payroll processing allows you to audit your payroll before creating checks rather than having to correct mistakes after the fact. Run payroll anytime, anywhere and as many times as you need to in order to ensure 100% accuracy. There is no need to transmit data to a processing center, no need to wait for the processing to be completed, no batch uploads and no transmission windows. No more waiting. Ascentis Payroll delivers on-demand payroll processing.

Take control of your payroll
Ascentis Payroll puts generating manual checks and creating reports in your control. Manual checks may be created on-demand for bonuses, vacation payouts, termination checks, third party and other special pays.

Ascentis Payroll gives you the control of an in-house payroll solution with the benefits of a hosted payroll offering. Outsourced technical and professional services provide an easy way to manage payroll for your organization. Decide between printing payroll checks yourself and having that service provided for you.

Eliminate extra paperwork and data entry errors by deploying Employee Self-Service (ESS). ESS allows employees to access their own direct deposit information, tax withholdings and paycheck history. Control the information that employees can view, change or delete. Have unlimited flexibility by creating custom tabs to communicate employee information.

Create, download, export or print reports to control which information is gathered and which information is sent to different departments. Report Wizards will guide you through the process of adding calculations to reports as well as storing them for future use in other reports.

Integration - the power of efficiency
Ascentis Payroll has the robust capability of interfacing with Ascentis HR, time and attendance systems, retirement plans and G/L files.

The real-time integration between Ascentis Payroll and Ascentis HR simplifies the payroll process by eliminating redundancy and minimizing inaccurate information. Basic employee information, benefit deductions, salary information and more are transferred from Ascentis HR to Ascentis Payroll in real-time.

Secure online payroll and peace of mind
Ascentis Payroll offers secure access via the Internet. All data communicated between the userís PC and Ascentis Payroll web servers is encrypted with SSL v.3 128-bit encryption. Network security infrastructure includes Network Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and firewalls, to track and notify of any sophisticated hostile attacks.

Each user is assigned a unique login and a secure password. Login and password information is only available on Ascentis Payroll back-end servers and not on any web server, ensuring that password lists cannot be compromised. There is only one client administrator access role that lets you determine all other user roles within the system.

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