Epicor HCM (Human Capital Management)

An End-to-End Global HR Software Solution

Epicor HCM is a fully-integrated HR and talent management suite - with anywhere, anytime access to vital Human Resource data.

Epicor HCM brings unequaled integration of Human Resource knowledge, industry experience and technology to improve your utilization of human capital and achieve improved organizational effectiveness. With a web-operational system, HR professionals and line managers have access to employee data using only a browser. The data is safe, secure and available from any computer, anywhere, anytime.

Epicor HCM exploits the powerful features and capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server while offering full core HR functionality, including advanced recruiting with candidate self-service, performance management with paperless performance review capability, intelligent work-flow and conditional routing, salary planning, alerts and notifications, position control, internationalization, multi-language and multi-currency, compensation management, advanced reporting, dashboards and analytics, and more.

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Epicor HCM Features and Modules:

Epicor HCM provides the essential tools your HR department needs to maintain and track data on your employees from application through retirement.

  • Recruiting, Requisition Management and Candidate Self-Service
  • PerformanceManagement
  • Advanced Work-Flow and Conditional Routing
  • Training and Development
  • Position Control and Budgeting
  • Employee and Manager Self-Service
  • Benefits Administration
  • Absence and Time Management (including electronic web-timesheets)
  • Compensation and Salary Administration
  • Internationalization
  • Payroll, Benefit Carrier and other Software Interfaces/Integration

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The Epicor HCM Reporting and Analytics Advantage

Powerful reporting and analytical features separate Epicor Human Capital Managment software from other HR systems on the market. The Epicor HCM system empowers you with the tools to analyze the greatest asset of your organization from every angle.

Besides the extensive library of predefined standard reports, custom and adhoc reporting can be accomplished using a variety of tools including Microsoft® Report Builder, Microsoft Analysis Services and Query Builder.

  • Epicor HCM leverages Microsoft® SQL Server Reporting Services to offer high-end decision support needed by sophisticated HR departments.
  • Microsoft Report Builder is an ad hoc reporting tool that is easy to use with an Office-like look and feel. Report Builder
    makes it easy to create reports and enables any user, regardless of database knowledge, to generate the reports they need.
  • With Microsoft Excel®-style pivot tables, Epicor HCM’s analysis services provide a high-level view of your business data for reporting and online analytical processing (OLAP). Analysis Services enables users to perform comprehensive, enterprise-scale, analytics to better management your workforce.
  • Query Builder is a flexible, powerful and easy to use adhoc querying tool allowing users quick, secure and accurate access to the data they need.

With the ability to personalize Epicor HCM, organizations now have the flexibility necessary to meet unique data needs. Powerful system tailoring tools are available from within the application to Use Epicor HCM as a traditional self-hosted application or through Epicor's SaaS or Hosting services.

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Epicor HCM Features and Modules - More Information:

Recruiting, Requisition Management and Candidate Self-Service - streamlines the application process allowing applicants to post their resumes and fill out an on-line application whether it is for an open requisition or unsolicited submittal.

Performance Management - cascade company goals, track and monitor employee goals and competencies. Epicor HCM can administer performance reviews online that are routable and trackable either in a 180° or 360° degree review process.

Training and Development enables you to establish and manage skill and competency based training and development programs, including administrative functions, need identification, gap analysis, course registration, and class scheduling.

Position Control and Budgeting - a sophisticated tool that provides a framework for staff planning, HR development, budgetary controls and monitoring functions.

Employee Self-Service provides your organization with role-based self-service capabilities, which enable employees to perform their own HR tasks, including paperlessbenefitopenenrollment and the ability to review and update a variety of personal information. In addition, self-service allows for anywhere, anytime communication and transaction processing enabling a company's HR department to move towards a paperless environment.

Compensation & Salary Planning - Compensation expenses typically account for a significant portion of an organization’s annual budget, so managing them optimally is vital. With Epicor HCM, you can manage all types of pay and an unlimited number of grades and ranges. Epicor HCM’s Salary Planning feature enables HR to create plans on a defined budget, which managers can use to model various salary distributions among their employees. Salary change requests are streamlined by empowering managers to initiate the salary change process via manager self-service. Requests are then routed through the proper channels for approval, and use electronic signatures for documentation.

Link - configureable interfacing tool allowing either a one or two-way interface from Epicor HCM to your payroll service bureau (i.e. ADP), benefit carrier, financial system, or other enterprise-wide application, eliminating duplicate data entry.

Internationalization - provides the capabilities to track, administer, report and analyze your international employees around the globe.

The international features in Epicor HCM include:

  • Multiple languages including English, Spanish and French Canadian.
  • Country specific formatting for fields, such as the postal code or phone number.
  • Ability to track credentials obtained a foreign country.
  • Enter and store compensation in employees' native currency.
  • Date sensitive currency conversions reflect point–in–time pay rates.
  • Tracking multiple addresses for any employee.
  • Tailoring content specific to U.S. compliance and reporting needs or the localized needs of country–specific data. i.e. Canada
  • Track National IDs for employees.
  • Utilize automatic system alerts to remind employees of Passport or Visa expiration dates.

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