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HRMS Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of Managed Consulting Services to companies who are in need of advising either during or after implementing an HRIS, Payroll, or Talent Management solution by providing application expertise and best practices utilizing our most senior consultants and years of experience as experts in their fields.

Our experienced consultants can help you "fine tune" your system to better utilize and ensure it is configured to optimize performance and produce the results you expected.

Managed Consulting Services are available for the following HR technology solutions.

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HRMS Solutions is dedicated to helping organizations like yours better leverage their HR, Payroll and Talent Management software to its full potential. We take a holistic approach to evaluating your system, reviewing your current use, discussing internal changes, evaluating reporting and data driven metrics to meet compliance and organizational development, while looking ahead to new challenges and mandates facing your business. We design our managed consulting services around your specific needs - whether it is training your staff on specific product functionality, configuring the application to include automated notifications and electronic workflows or deploying the most recent software updates to take advantage of new features and functionality that will help your company stay current and competitive.

What our customer have to say about our Managed Consulting Services:

"HRMS worked as an extension of me and my HR Recruiting team to help push our recruiting software to going live. The solutions consultant was the extra pair of hands we needed and shared their experience of implementing the software to our unique situation. HRMS added knowledge of the product from the implementation side as well as from the client side. They were able to help us maintain consistency in our data knowing how the information from one product would need to "flow" to another product."
Michael Fale
management systems consulting

"Our HRMS Solutions’ consultants were not only able to configure the system, but they went into depth with me to understand what my organization needed from each system in order for us to fully optimize our usage and investment."
Monica Lloyd • Trumpet Behavior Health
consulting business management

How can we help you maximize your technology investment and generate better ROI and utilization?

Our wide-range of managed consulting services can include:

  • System Effectiveness Review Services
    • Process Review
    • Utilization Improvement
    • Suggest and implement solutions to address inefficiencies
  • Tailoring and Customization Services
    • Advanced configuration and testing
    • Process re-engineering
    • Custom development
  • Integration Services
    • Payroll
    • Benefit carriers
    • Other Enterprise applications
  • Data Conversion Services
    • Additional data
    • Historical data
    • Data consolidation due to mergers/acquisitions
  • Implementation Services
    • Merger and Acquisition Consolidation
    • Deploy and enable new modules and functionality
    • Install new product releases and Upgrades
    • User Acceptance Testing
    • Training
  • Reporting and Design Services
    • Design New Reports and Queries
    • Create Dashboards and Analytics
  • Training Services:
    • We will work with you to develop and maintain a training strategy to help current and new users understand existing functionality and how to best leverage this functionality as well as ensure users have greater application knowledge and knowledge transfe

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