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This Payroll Planning Guide is a detailed assessment that defines specific features, functionality, delivery model, and technology to assist in selecting the right solution for your company. It was created to help businesses map requirements to specific functionality within a vendors solution.

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Topics covered in the Payroll Planning Guide include:

Classifications of Vendors by Types of Solutions Offered

  • HRMS Vendors(Payroll & HRIS)
  • Payroll Service Bureaus
  • Saas / On-Demand Vendors
  • ERP Vendors

Justifying and Funding Your Payroll Project: Compelling reasons why Payroll solution projects are justified and funded.

Recommend Evaluation Approach To Selecting A Vendor: Criteria for Unsuccessful and Best Practice Evaluations

Best Practice Criteria for Evaluating Vendors

  • Vendor Viability
  • Vendor Vision
  • Vendor Price
  • Vendor Technology
  • Vendor Consulting Services
  • Vendor Feature / Functionality

Defining Payroll Feature/Functional Requirements

On-Premise vs. SaaS/Cloud-Based Delivery Model Comparison: Advantages and Disadvantages

Evaluation Approach for Vendor Selection

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Implementing Payroll Solutions

This Payroll Planning Guide is periodically revised and updated as market conditions and vendors change. The Planning Guides is intended to provide information only and are not a substitute for legal advice. Any recommendations suggested in these Planning Guides are at the sole discretion of the reader.

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