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SafeGuard World International (SGWI) Global Payroll Service provides global payroll outsourcing services and global employment outsourcing solutions enabling you to effectively manage and process your payroll data and workforce on a global scale.

Capturing and making sense of global HR analytics as a whole is challenging enough, but when you consider the complexities of global payroll and contingent labor, it can become almost overwhelming. Financial metrics have to be consolidated from different software systems, multiple vendors and different currencies with ever-changing exchange rates, while contingent labor data is often managed outside traditional HR systems such as Vendor Management Systems, making it difficult to integrate those costs into the global reports.

SafeGuard World International understands these challenges and has been working hard to deliver solutions that integrate the processes, "calm the chaos,” and deliver total workforce analytics.

SGWI can solve the three greatest challenges HR professionals face when they are trying to integrate their contingent, project-based and full time labor and payroll information into a centralized system of record.

  • Providing a global data structure with the functionality needed to manage payroll and contingent labor costs, globally
  • Utilizing tools and processes designed specifically to integrate with existing HR, financial, accounting and vendor management systems
  • Employing long-standing relationships with In-Country Partners to provide a global compliance frameworkto meet regulatory requirements

Key Global Capabilities

  • Hire to retire payroll services internationally or globally
  • Ability to receive one HR file from a global ERP system and integrate into local in-country payroll
  • Manage a network on local in-country payroll provider partners
  • Capability of working with client preferred partners or in-house payroll
  • Compliance with local compliance and regulations
  • Provide overall payroll monitoring and oversight
  • Aggregate global payroll data and provide reporting to clients
  • SGWI becomes a virtual, global payroll department

Global Managed Payroll Services

SafeGuard World International provides Global Payroll outsourcing services in 80 countries today. Through a mix of best of breed technology and highly experienced people SafeGuard provides services that enable streamlined payroll operations, consolidated reporting and ensures compliance, wherever your employees are based.


  • Expertise in 80 countries today and growing
  • Compliance worldwide
    Consolidated Payroll reporting
  • Funds movement
  • Best of Breed Technology
  • One Contract
  • One consistent service delivery model Globally
  • One point of contact Globally


  • Fully Managed Services save time and money and streamline your operations
  • Ability to interface with existing HR and Finance Systems with relative ease ensure you take advan-tage of existing investments
  • Consistent Payroll processes that are compliant and auditable
  • Detailed reporting capabilities to help you better understand your international people costs

Business Advantage:

  • Enables greater focus of resources on corporate aims
  • Enables you to better understand your Global headcount - and drive strategic decision making
  • Auditable processes give you greater peace of mind over your international compliance
  • One point of contact means no more managing multiple languages, multiple time zones and multiple regulations in country

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Why Outsource?

Payroll outsourcing internationally delivers a number of benefits to your business, including:

  • Ensure compliance in all countries
  • Consistency of processes and controls
  • Lower Costs due to economies of scale
  • Reduced risk
    Improved scalability inline with business change
  • Focus internal resources on your core business
  • Improve management information
  • Realise greater controls
  • No more managing multiple languages and time-zones

Cloud or Saas-based Technology

SGWI's proprietary GPMS system under pins the services they provide. A web based, built for purpose Global Payroll Management System enables powerful and detailed payroll reporting capabilities and abilities to run custom queries and visual payroll reports. All data is provided by SGWI at a ‘granular’ level giving you the most detailed payroll reports available for all employees in all countries—you will never have seen this much detail about your inter-national people costs! As a web based system, you can access this 24/7 from any PC anywhere.

Managing an international payroll program is no easy task ̶ multiple time zones, multiple reporting formats and multiple currencies! SafeGuard World combines its unique "managed payroll delivery model” with its global payroll technology system to drive process improvements and maximize the visibility of clients’ international payroll data.

As part of their global payroll service, SGWI created a "purpose-built” global payroll technology system that was designed specifically to manage and process payroll data on a global scale. Our system enables us to facilitate the payroll process from one Web-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system, which easily integrates into existing HR, Time & Finance, Vendor Management and ERP systems, without the need to build complex interfaces between those systems.

With SGWI technology, you will:

  • enjoy real-time visibility into your global workforce payroll information
  • access data at the most granular level available in the payroll marketplace today
  • benefit from front-end data capture and full gross-to-net reverse data flow
  • gain full and easy access to the specific payroll metrics that you need such as labor costs by country, payroll funding, employee specific details, etc.
  • enjoy real-time access to consistent reports, 24/7, 365 days a year
  • have a unified, standardized system of record for payroll and financial data in place of a chaotic system of fragmented processes
  • benefit from a scalable payroll processing solution, with real-time updates and ugrades, to grow along with the needs of your organization
  • have peace of mind knowing that your payroll data is in safe hands

Some payroll service companies use software that was built on legacy technology systems and were not originally designed to manage payroll from a global perspective. These systems do not provide the same level of transparency, visibility and granularity of data that are inherent in SafeGuard World’s SaaS-based technology.

Global Coverage

SGWI provides services in 80 countries today in all the key business regions of the globe. The SafeGuard World Services are available to you in one or all our coun-tries and our coverage constantly ex-panding inline with demands form our clients. As a client focused organization, your success is key to SGWI's success and they will help you every step of the way to-wards your Corporate and Local strategies.

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