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Onboarding and Life Events software effectively manages onboarding, offboarding and every employee life cycle event in between!

SilkRoad RedCarpet

Providing a positive new hire onboarding and employee transition experience is essential to helping your workforce remain motivated, satisfied and productive.

SilkRoad's Onboarding and Life Events solution is a critical component to meeting that goal, contributing both to employee engagement and retention.

RedCarpet is the only solution on the market that allows you to better manage employee transitions like relocations, promotions, medical leave, acquisitions/mergers, and offboarding. With the onboarding and life events solution you can manage, streamline and simplify the process of any employee life cycle event.

From welcoming new employees to the organization to any employee life cycle transition, RedCarpet makes change simpler.

  • Realize a quick return on investment within months of implementation
  • Reduce both hard and soft costs involved in onboarding and transitioning employees
  • Significantly increase day one readiness of new and transitioning employees
  • Improve employee retention
  • Increase employee morale during times of change
  • Reduce legal and financial risks
  • Speed time to productivity of new and acquired talent
  • Improve HR productivity and significantly alleviate the burden and costs associated with administrative tasks, paperwork and processing
  • Maintain amicable relationships during employee separations
  • Provide quick and easy visibility into all tasks associated with employee transitions

From welcoming new hires to helping them transition out of the company and for every milestone in between, SilkRoad makes change simpler!

Roll Out the RedCarpet for New Hires…

  • Organizing and tracking internal tasks that need to be completed before the employee’s start date and into the first several months
  • Managing forms electronically and tracking their completion
  • Complying with government regulations
  • Monitoring where employees are in the onboarding or life event process
  • Easily updating content and documents with simple tools that anyone can use
  • Making your new employee feel like they are the valuable contribution you hired them to be

Help Employees and HR Professionals Effectively Manage Change for Critical Employee Transitions by Providing:

  • Personalized portals for socialization and efficient delivery of relevant information
  • Extensive task management capabilities for defining processes and visibility to employees within those processes
  • Electronic forms capability with electronic signatures
  • Consistency and accountability of processes

Electronic I-9 Completion and Verification

In addition, RedCarpet allows you to realize significant cost savings, security, and better searching and tracking options with electronic completion of the Form I-9. You can also verify employment eligibility with complete integration with the Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify program allowing you to:

  • Reduce unauthorized employment
  • Eliminate Social Security Number mis-match errors
  • Get quick results on queries


The initial excitement new hires experience over starting a new job can quickly develop into frustration as they run into challenges in their quest to become acclimated with a new company and productive in their new jobs.

RedCarpet addresses these challenges by providing a personalized portal for every new employee where you can give them information on their new job, and get them acclimated to your corporate culture and procedures early. All tasks can be tracked and forms can be electronically completed and signed.

Examples of New Employee Portal content can include:

  • Tactical first day information like where to park or eat
  • Welcome message from CEO, their mentor or manager
  • Personal information like their new phone number and colleague contact information
  • Social activity information like company sports leagues or events
  • Job information such as policies, training information or even insights into current project


Inefficient offboarding processes can cost organizations millions of dollars in lost equipment, time and continued benefits. Even more critical and less understood is the consequences of failure to revoke access to internal and external systems, as well as the documentation of processes in order to reduce the risk of lawsuits and loss of private company information.

Whether it’s a resignation or other form of involuntary or voluntary termination, RedCarpet provides easy-to-use tools for efficient management of critical time sensitive tasks and processes associated with offboarding employees.

  • Significantly reduce termination processing costs
  • Lower legal and financial risks
  • Create easier transactions that will maintain amicable relationships with offboarding employees
  • Manage offboarding tasks – revocation of system access, return of company assets, paperwork, termination of benefits and more . . .
  • Trigger succession plan to fill vacated positions

Support For Other Life Events

RedCarpet isn’t just for onboarding and offboarding, you can create customized portals and manage tasks for any employee life cycle event including transfers, promotions, relocations, maternity and other medical leave, mergers and acquisitions.

With SilkRoad’s RedCarpet Onboarding and Life Events Solution you can maintain productivity and morale during employee transitions, help alleviate the burden and costs of paperwork and processing, as well as make sure all tasks are completed accurately and on schedule.


Sample New Employee Portal
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Events Dashboard
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I-9 Dashboard
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