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Designed for the way people work

The Workday Advantage

The Workday Advantage

Workday delivers a modern look and feel that utilizes concepts made popular by consumer websites. Workday’s user interface (UI) empowers business users to easily access information, participate in business processes, and collaborate across the enterprise from any location, on any device.

Cloud Applications for Enterprises

Cloud Applications for Enterprises

The Workday suite of applications includes Human Capital Management, which covers Human Resources, Benefits, Talent Management, Recruiting, Payroll, and Time Tracking.

New Model for User Engagement

New Model for User Engagement

Workday provides the most intuitive user experience for an enterprise app ever. Applications that work the way you work, whether on a mobile device, Web browser, Microsoft Outlook, or another workspace. Workday has created an architecture and application framework that embodies this vision.

Core Features

Core Human Resource Management

Workday HCM is designed to help you organize, staff, and pay your global workforce and effectively manage a global workforce from hiring employees to analyzing your workforce.


Workday Recruiting will help you find, engage, and select the best internal and external candidates for your organization.

Payroll Solutions - Manage Globally and Process Locally

Designed to address the full spectrum of enterprise payroll needs for U.S. and Canadian companies, while giving you control and insight.

Empower Your Managers

Go beyond the capabilities of traditional self-service solutions with a simple and intuitive interface that helps managers utilize relevant information and perform their jobs more effectively.

Intuitive Self Service

Employees, managers, and business leaders all find Workday easy to use, and so do C-level executives and administrators. Empower all of your users through relevant and actionable information.

Effective and Efficient Onboarding

Onboarding helps organizations welcome new hires and pre-hires, increase employee engagement, increase first-day productivity, and streamline administration.

Actionable Analytics

Use data intelligence to know where you are, where your business process is heading, and proactively recommend the data, actions, and people you need to reach your goals.

Configuration, Not Customization

Workday’s business-logic level configuration approach to software accommodates unique business requirements much better than traditional on-premise applications.

Real Cloud: Multi-Tenancy Matters

Every customer is on the same version of Workday. No customer is left behind when the software is updated. The result is a community with unprecedented levels of communication and collaboration.

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