SilkRoad Performance

Build a high-performance workforce

Measure, Align, and Develop Talent

Measure, Align, and Develop Talent

SilkRoad Performance (WingSpan) helps your company set goals, evaluate employee skills, provide feedback to employees, capture opportunities for development, and tie performance to compensation. It's intuitive, automated, yet customizable. SilkRoad Performance allows you to take the short and long term pulse of your organization's workforce. Turn appraisals into recognizing and supporting your top talent, determine training opportunities/needs and take a strategic look at future recruiting needs.

Write Better Reviews

Write Better Reviews

Give your managers access to everything performance related to help them write a better review from external data, self ratings, past performance and a writing assistant.

Pay for Performance

Pay for Performance

Allocate merit, bonus, equities or any other type of compensation tied to your employee's performance.

Core Features

Performance Appraisals

Achieve 100% participation through a seamless, accurate, and secure measurement process. Easy to configure for content, distribution, and interpretation of data.

360-degree Feedback

Get a complete picture of employee performance. Supports multi-rater assessments, including managers, peers, employees, customers, and team members. Configurable workflows and competency library.

Goal Management

Encourage employees to contribute to the success of the business by aligning employee and organization goals. Managers involve employees in defining their goals and setting proper expectations.

Pay for Performance

Instill a pay for performance culture. WingSpan compensation management gives organizations the ability to pay employees for their current performance—and the incentive to improve in the future.

Succession Planning

Managers and supervisors can use the information for setting goals, adjusting compensation, and aligning the employee's career path for maximum impact down the road.

Employee Development

Look at gaps with the current talent. Create comprehensive and flexible employee development plans that are essential to grow the skills necessary to drive the strategic vision for the employee.

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