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A Single Multi-Tenant, Global Cloud-based Human Capital Management System for the Mid-Market

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Workday is the leader in true cloud-based, multi-tenant human resource management system with global capabilities.

Workday offers a software-as-a-service (SaaS) for managing people, processes and policies, combining the lower cost of ownership of Cloud-based computing. Founded by PeopleSoft veteran Dave Duffield, Workday delivers a holistic Human Resource solution which includes capabilities for benefit administration, performance and talent management, training and development, succession planning and web-based reporting with actionable analytics.

What Makes Workday So Different?

  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Next Generation Business Process Framework /Advanced Work-Flow Capabilities
  • Actionable Reporting / Analytics
  • Total Workforce Visibility
  • Constant System Enhancements
  • No Upgrades, No Servers or Database Licenses to Purchase
  • Global Ready Now
  • A Unified HR, Talent Management System

Why Are Businesses Purchasing Workday HCM?

  • Constantly Updating and Enhancing the System Capabilities
  • Guarantee to be on the Latest Release
  • Intuitive Reporting Capabilities
  • Community of Users
  • Pre-Formatted Work-Flows
  • Usability Direct Access to Data vs. Drill Around/ Down
  • Incredible Search Capabilities
  • Pre-Built Integrations
  • Cloud Computing Technology Allows More Agility and Responds Faster to Changing Markets
  • Managers Have Greater Understanding of the Aspirations, Capabilities and Cost of Their Talent

Workday's HCM solution is designed to help your company Plan, Hire, Manage and Analyze your workforce. People are your company's most valuable resource and Workday gives you the tools to effectively execute.

Three times per year, Workday releases feature-packed updates to its HCM solution. Unlike traditional on-premise software that requires costly and time-consuming upgrades every 3 to 5 years, Workday's mulit-tenant architecture allows customers to move to the new updates in just a few days - at no additional costs - as part of their regular subscription fees.


  • Establish a workforce plan with headcount, position, and cost budgets to guide hiring momentum.
  • Set up and maintain jobs and position based on pre-configured rules.
  • Assign compensation to open positions to support position budgets


  • Hire employees into a single or multiple positions, including global assignments
  • Assign workers to multiple business entities, including companies, cost centers, departments, teams, projects, and matrix organizations
  • Manage the transition of any worker from appliant to employee or contingent workers


  • Manage the movement of individuals or groups within an organization, including transfers, promotions, and demotions
  • Establish compensation processes, consistency of compensation around the globe, and manage the performance and compensation review process
  • Enable retires access to personal records via self-service


  • Drill-down capabilities for positions, headcount, turnover and other workforce demographics
  • Access complete view of workers history through talent profiles
  • Navigate teams and organizations graphically to spot vacancies, span of control, and plan for succession

What Workday Means By "Global Ready Now"

Workday has been designed at its core to take into account the varying needs of workers around the globe. Unlike traditional systems that encourage companies to add more and more technology at additional cost as they grow, Workday has built in the ability to support expansion in any direction without the need for additional systems. Workday provides a single, global system-of-record that accurately and flexibly captures and utilizes global information for your company.

By taking global needs into account at the core, Workday enables:

  • One system for your entire global organization. Workday supports eleven languages, so all employees can utilize the system in their native language. Workday also supports specific country formats for various types of personal data, including national IDs, address formats, and region-specific required dataSupport multi-currency transactions. Expense reports, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and worker compensation can all be tracked in actual currency numbers and easily translated into your corporate currency for consolidated view of your effective total spending and receiving.
  • Compensation for your global workforce. Workday Compensation administration allows you to create and assign unlimited compensation plans and allowances based on global and/or local requirements. View your team's compensation in a single currency while you suggest merit or bonus amounts in each employee's local currency.
  • Accurately represent and understand your company structure. Workday's advanced organizational tools can help you model your company's organizations, entities, locations, and cost centers as they really exist around the world. Getting an accurate headcount report for all full-time and part-time employees on your global team is as easy as running a prepackaged report. Workday provides faster, more accurate analytics because this information is not spread across multiple systems.

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