David Miller

Technical Consultant

David has 5+ years of combined UKG customer success and consulting experience with a primary focus in the HR and benefits integrations areas. He is continually focused on expanding and developing his technical skills so he can support a broader range of technical projects. David has always had a strong desire to enable customers to successfully manage their data and benefits interfaces. With each client engagement, his main objective is to educate and empower customers by building their confidence and knowledge in the UKG system. David is eager to take on new projects that will challenge him and help his skills grow. His focus for every project is to make sure his customers achieve their goals and that they have a great experience along the way.


Born and raised in Southern California, David graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara. Most of his time is spent with family, but he does enjoy cooking, reading and exercising in his free time. He dreams of taking an extended vacation to Japan where he will eat and see all that the country has to offer, but that won’t happen until his sons are old enough to appreciate sushi.