Implementation Services

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Ensuring Successful Project Outcomes

We are experts in HR and Payroll technology who are passionate about delivering quality UKG services to our clients.

We believe in delivering every implementation right the first time by following a comprehensive, well-defined methodology, assigning experienced consultants to execute on project initiatives and delivering an exceptional implementation experience with a successful project outcome.

Implementation Services

Project Management

Services consist of project scheduling, tracking milestones, developing test and contingency plans, managing resources, and ensuring the successful completion of project deliverables.

Core Team Orientation

Orientation services provide a foundation for the core team to better understand the system capabilities of the solution they've purchased before deciding on the specific configuration.

Analysis & Planning

Our analysis or blueprinting workshop is intended to identify the desired software design and specific outcomes to meet your company's objectives.

System Configuration Services

The mapping or re-engineering of business processes that are configured with the toolset of the software solution. This process is similar to framing the inside of a house with 2 x 4's.

Data Extraction Services

This service collects the identified data elements from the client's existing system(s) and converts the data for use in the new system.

User Acceptance Testing

This pre-production process provides the core team with scenarios and support to facilitate the review and testing of system configuration to ensure a successful delivery of your 'live' system.

Core Team End User Training

Training is delivered to the core team using client data with the system configured just before "go-live". We find training with client data vs. sample data is significantly more effective.

"Go-Live" Support & System Stabilization

Your Solution Consultant will provide support for the core project team and supplemental adjustments as the system is transitioned from staging to your 'live' production environment.

Integration & Testing Services

This service is designed to understand the expectations for any inbound or outbound integration touch points. Typically third party systems include payroll providers, insurance carriers or LMS.

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