UKG Pro Assessment Services

Unlock the Full Potential of your UKG Pro System

Are you looking for a resource to assess your current UKG Pro configuration and offer targeted short, mid, and long-term recommendations to optimize your system? Look no further.

HRMS is experienced with post-deployment services to help you extend the value of your software investment. Our UKG Pro Assessment Services check on the health of your system from an application and process improvement perspective and provide you with much needed guidance on how to enhance the utilization of your UKG Pro system, driving higher adoption and better return from your original investment.

Our team of experienced consultants can evaluate your UKG Pro application to determine areas for improvement, identify unleveraged functionality and offer worthwhile recommendations. We work with you to prioritize our findings based on your unique needs, while taking into account your team’s bandwidth and level of expertise, to develop a system improvement action plan. And if necessary, our expert resources can serve as an extension of your team to manage and facilitate this action plan.

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