February marks HRMS Solutions’ 15th year in business!

 15 Years Anniversary

In 2003, with just one employee, a strong work ethic and a dream to be free from the world of HR technology mergers, HRMS Solutions (HRMS) was formed with one goal in mind: to sell and deliver exceptional implementation services for leading human resource, payroll and talent management solutions to mid-market businesses. Through solid work, integrity, smart partnering and hiring a team of brilliant consultants, HRMS continues to serve the HR Community and delivering quality implementation services.

Today marks HRMS’ 15 year anniversary! Considering that the Small Business Administration (SBA) states that 34% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 50% during the first five years, 66% during the first ten and only 25% of new businesses make it to 15 years or more, reaching this milestone moment is definitely worth celebrating.

 small businesses fail

“I would like to thank our dedicated, exceptionally talented and hardworking employees, who are committed to our accomplishments and the success of our customers,” said Mike Maiorino, CEO. “Our ongoing success would be impossible without you. And thank you to all of our customers and partners who continue to believe in our services and people, and who have helped us endure and thrive throughout the years. We celebrate this milestone occasion because of you.”

But even in the midst of celebration, this is not the time to sit back and become complacent. We must continue to focus and execute on the things we do well and develop the areas in our business that need improvement. It is time to reflect on the wisdom gained and on the successes and lessons learned along this journey.

When asked, Mike provided the following list of lessons learned from 15 years in business.

  • Sales solve most problems – always be marketing and building your pipeline
  • Recurring revenue is the name of the game – the world is moving to subscriptions, find a way to join it
  • Treat your customers great, but treat your employees even better – happy employees are productive employees
  • Be unique – find a way to differentiate what you do and how you do it
  • Only the agile survive – how well you adapt will determine the tenure of your business
  • Team work – there is strength in numbers
  • Know your numbers – focus on your margins and where you are most profitable
  • Kaizen– always be improving
  • Give credit where credit is due – praise your people when they do great work
  • Fail fast – we all make mistakes, learn to recognize them quickly in order move on to the next success
  • Do the right thing – you know what I mean
  • Always be learning – the continual thirst for knowledge will result in big dividends down the road
  • People do business with people – find the human touch in our digital world
  • Empower your employees – unleash the best in your team
  • Love what you do – life is too short

“Our ability to adapt has allowed us to prosper over the years. I look forward to new challenges, new technology and to seeing what the next 15 years will bring!” says Maiorino. “Thank you again to the HRMS family and to the loyalty and support of our amazing clients we have had the honor to service over the years. We appreciate everything that you do!”

In closing, it is extremely difficult to be an expert at anything anymore. The world we live in and the technology we use continues to change at an unprecedented pace. And the HR, payroll and talent management landscape we work in keeps evolving and adjusting to keep up with this pace. But a few things still remain for us – we enjoy the people we work with and we love what we do! So, to all those who are reading this please accept our sincerest gratitude and ‘Thank You’ from all of us at HRMS Solutions. Hang on tight and enjoy the ride.


we look forward to the next 15 years of service excellence!

15 Years of Excellence