February marks HRMS Solutions’ 17th year in business!

HRMS 17 years of business

Seventeen years ago, HRMS was formed with one goal in mind: to sell and deliver exceptional implementation services for leading human resource, payroll and talent management solutions to mid-market businesses. Through solid work, integrity, smart partnering and hiring a team of brilliant consultants, HRMS continues to serve the HR Community and delivering quality implementation services.

In honor of HRMS’ 17 years in business, we are sharing a few short thoughts or lessons learned from some of our team members who have been with us from the early days who have experienced the HRMS culture and success over the years.

  • Be agile, be adaptable and always be prepared to change — we cannot stay in one place; we are constantly on the move, improving daily. We will always evolve.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail — not every project or opportunity will result in success; we learn from our mistakes and the things that didn’t quite work out the way we intended, adapt quickly and improve for next time.
  • Reflect on achievements — it is important to take a moment to celebrate accomplishments; acknowledging success helps us continue to achieve and refine the formula for success.
  • Acquire and assign the right people to the right projects — we are a team of industry experts hand-picked not only for talent, but also for character. By obtaining and retaining incredible people, investing in their knowledge, recognizing them for their achievements and treating them as a valuable part of the team, our company and our clients will continue to be successful.
  • Show gratitude to our customers — without customers, we don’t have a business.
  • Show gratitude to our team — our dedicated employees make ALL the difference in our business. Giving our employees, and clients, an exceptional experience builds trust, loyalty and elevates the HRMS brand amongst our clients, business partners and industry. Teamwork makes the dream work.
  • Responsiveness and professionalism matter — be proactive whenever possible and reactive when necessary, but at all times be responsive. Things can, and do, happen that change our industry and implementation projects overnight. It is our professional and timely reaction to this change that will be remembered and impact our customer’s experience. Treat people the way you want to be treated, and then treat them a little bit better.
  • Never stop learning — learning keeps us relevant in our ever-changing industry; if our team members aren’t developing their skills and increasing their knowledge then as an organization we are unable to evolve and align with shifting business demands.
  • Doing things right is equally as important as doing the right thing — sometimes it can be hard to do the right thing, but it’s imperative as a business that we do things right and that we try to do the right thing. Being efficient and effective is critical to success. We know that our actions, and the actions of our team members, today can impact the business for years to come, and that long-term business success must be earned in a competitive and rapidly changing marketplace.

As we continue to grow, adding new people and ever expanding our implementation services, we realize the importance of never losing sight of the principles upon which we were founded: a commitment to excellence, mutual trust and respect, work-life flexibility and the pursuit of knowledge and learning.


Thank you to our incredible staff, customers and business partners for allowing HRMS to celebrate 17 years in business!

HRMS 17 years of business

We proudly celebrate these first 17 years together with you, the great people and organizations that helped get us here!