HRMS Solutions a national provider of HRIS, Recruiting and Talent Management solutions announces that Gresham Smith & Partners, a global Architecture and Engineering firm, has selected Epicor HCM® (fka iVantage) to manage the organizations workforce.

Because employees are spread around the world, GS&P faced unique HR challenges. With HR centralized in GS&P’s Nashville headquarters, Gordon Vaughn, IT Manager, was frustrated by the firm’s existing HR software, UltiPro from Ultimate Software. He felt recurring maintenance costs were high and the software’s client server architecture made it difficult to perform modifications to the system.

“Mainly it was inflexibility in tailoring the system for GS&P,” Vaughn recalls. “We wanted to go to a straight Web-based solution that offered integrated security with Microsoft Active Directory and the ability to interface seamlessly with our accounting system, Deltek Vision.

“HRMS Solutions helped us evaluate several different HRIS vendors and provided the product presentations for us. They worked with us to narrow down our choices and we ultimately selected Epicor HCM® by Epicor Software Corporation,” says Vaughn.

“GS&P wanted to improve their operational efficiency by implementing a solution which would allow a single point of data entry to transfer seamlessly to Deltek Vision,” explains Mike Maiorino, President of HRMS Solutions. “With so many remote offices, taking advantage of intelligent workflows, paperless performance reviews, and self-service tools in a Web-based HRIS system like Epicor HCM just made perfect sense.” Vaughn’s requirement for integration with Deltek Vision was a “must-do for single source data entry”. Epicor HCM came with a generic file-based integration, but Deltek and HRMS Solutions have worked together to provide a more automated web-services interface from Epicor HCM to the Info-Center in Deltek Vision.

“We’ve been able to personalize Epicor HCM to match our existing workflows which have helped us reduce the time to track, process and complete compliance reporting,” asserts Vaughn. We will be utilizing manager self-service to complete workflow cycles for recruitment, intelligent routing and approvals for personal action notices (PAN’s), and employee performance evaluations. This functionality will allow GS&P to get people involved with the process while maintaining accountability and efficiency.”

“Epicor offers enormous flexibility in being able to tailor the system. With open source, it’s easy to modify the application to fit our needs without having to have a programmer change the source code,” Vaughn explains. “I went through a three-day training course for modifying Epicor HCM from Epicor Software. With that training and experience gained from having used the system for a while, I am able to perform the majority of any changes we want or need in Epicor HCM myself.”

As a web-based application, there’s no software to roll out. It’s really transparent to the users and it is so much easier to support. Overall, we are excited and pleased we selected Epicor HCM.


About Gresham Smith & Partners

Gresham, Smith and Partners is one of the top architectural, engineering and interior design firms in the United States. GS&P employs 800 professionals with specializations in aviation, healthcare, corporate and urban design, industrial, environmental compliance, transportation and water services. GS&P is one of the few design firms in the industry that offers professional services to such a wide range of markets. The firm operates from 17 nationwide offices and an office in Shanghai, China.

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