District of Columbia – January 25, 2008 – HRMS Solutions, Inc, a national provider of Human Resources Software and total workforce management solutions announced today that The Little Sisters of the Poor is using Sage HRMS to effectively manage and process thirteen residential and nursing homes throughout the central and western U.S. that provide a range of care for the elderly poor.

In 2005, the Little Sisters of the Poor wanted to change the way in which they collect, pay, process and maintain their workforce. Having outsourced payroll with a leading payroll provider for years, they were unhappy with both the cost and results. They wanted to find an in-house solution to better control costs by increasing accessibility across eleven decentralized nursing facilities. One of the key objectives driving their decision to create an internal, centralized HR/ Payroll process was a reduction in costs. Little Sisters of the Poor spent nearly $175,000 per year outsourcing employee services such as payroll and tax filing.

Reducing Costs with In-House Payroll

“Outsourcing was not inexpensive,” recalls Rosemary Butterfield, HRIS Analyst for Little Sisters of the Poor, “Cost was very important. We thought about giving payroll back to the individual facilities, but decided that centralized payroll offered significantly more advantages.”

To help them assess their needs and evaluate solutions, Little Sisters of the Poor turned to HRMS Solutions in Washington, DC. HRMS Solutions provides leading workforce management solutions, including Sage HRMS, and is a Sage authorized business partner and a member of Sage Software’s 2007 President’s Circle.

“Sage HRMS provides a comprehensive suite of software applications designed for companies looking to purchase a solution for HR, payroll, training, recruiting, self-services and more. It allows Little Sisters of the Poor to reduce their overall payroll costs, and gain better control of their administration and reporting by leveraging Sage HRMS and TimeStar for maximum efficiency,” explains HRMS Solutions’ president, Mike Maiorino.

Little Sisters of the Poor decided to implement the full Sage HRMS Suite. Working together with HRMS Solutions, they deployed Sage at different facilities in stages. Throughout implementation, they never missed a payroll deadline.

“The challenge was to take a decentralized, multi-location infrastructure and blend into one cohesive and centralized HR/ Payroll operation…Sage HRMS gave us the toolkit to do so,” says Mario Orellana, VP of Professional Services for HRMS Solutions.

“As anyone who’s been through software data conversion knows, it’s a war,” adds Butterfield, “You have to know what you want and what will best benefit your organization. The people at HRMS Solutions listened to how we wanted to use our data and made it happen.”

Gaining Control Over Information

“With outsourcing, we didn’t really own our own data,” Butterfield explains, “We didn’t have the freedom to manipulate our data and create the reports that would have been most useful to us. We also couldn’t capture historical time and attendance transactions for analysis.”

Sage HRMS offers flexible reporting tools that allow Butterfield to analyze standardized information across all facilities, including earnings and deductions. She can easily generate reports to compare detailed information about any facility, or the organization as a whole.

“This project also gave us a chance to standardize all eleven of our homes for reporting. It’s amazing Sage HRMS and TimeStar had this big of an impact on our 1,200 employee workforce,” notes Butterfield, “The fact that Sage HRMS lets me use Crystal Reports® to get out exactly the data I want is a big thing. Now I can compare between facilities to help identify strengths and weaknesses so that we can operate more efficiently.”

A Comprehensive Approach to HR

The time and cost savings of Sage HRMS have not been limited to payroll and reporting. By centralizing data and extending HR automation across the organization, Sage HRMS eliminates duplicate data entry and helps minimize mistakes.

“We’ve caught some errors that we might not have otherwise, and that saves us expense,” says Butterfield.

Sage HRMS centralizes policies and procedures, ensuring that the organization treats all employees the same. And it is easier to train the 3-5 new HR directors hired each year.

“Before Sage HRMS, we had no HR system at all. We used Excel spreadsheets for everything – to track licensing for our nurses, in-service and continuing education training, sick leave, and so on,” Butterfield explains, “With Sage HRMS, we are more accountable to each other and to the province.”

Compliance Made Easy

All employers must maintain compliance with a myriad of employment laws, but in the healthcare industry, there are additional compliance burdens. Because Little Sisters of the Poor operate in many different states, each facility must also keep careful records for compliance with state licensing.

“When representatives from the state licensing commission come into one of our facilities, it’s unannounced. It used to be hard to pull together the information they requested,” recalls Butterfield, “With Sage HRMS, the data is automated and centralized. It’s easy to generate reports and other compliance information on the spot.”


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