No one wants to replace a solution after only a few years, so selecting the right vendor is critical to building a solid foundation to help drive your organization forward and tackle new challenges in the future.

Often we see a lack of a balanced approach to selecting a talent management solution and this is one of the most significant mistakes an organization can make when evaluating and purchasing new HR technology.

Based on our research, and over a decade of experience in deploying HCM (Human Capital Management) Solutions from the industry’s leading vendors, we’ve found that companies that only focus on price, features/functionality and delivery model are setting themselves up for disappointment and potential failure.

Not that these items (price, features and delivery model) are bad, and certainly they are  important components in any decision, but there are other factors that can be equally, if not more important, in that decision, with long term effects.

Besides price, features and delivery model, we also discuss Vendor Vision, Sales Delivery, Consultant Experience, Vendor Viability and Technology with our clients so that they have a complete picture of talent management vendors, and can better determine what is right for their organization.

We believe that an effective evaluation needs to encompass seven factors listed in the chart below, and be weighted accordingly, in order to make an informed decision.

Best Practice Criteria for Evaluating Technology Management Vendors Chart



Note: This article is a small excerpt from our complete HRIS Planning Guide.

The full guide covers important topics such as delivery model, project justification, evaluation criteria, requirements definition and other useful information designed to educate you as a buyer, translating to a more informed decision and a successful implementation.

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Meet the Authors:
Mike Maiorino is the Founder and CEO of HRMS Solutions. His 30 years of dedication to the HR/ Payroll technology profession, with a proven track record of results and recognition, has earned him a reputation for being a subject matter expert regarding HCM Solutions. Mike has served in a number of sales and managerial positions for leading providers of HR and Payroll solutions, including ADP, Sage Software, Kronos and Infor (fka SSA Global / Infinium). He is a member of the BAHRA Chapter (Boulder Area Human Resource Association) and completed his certification as a PHR (Professional in Human Resources) in December, 2002. Mike was also recognized in Biltmore Who's Who in 2007 as one of Washington, DC's most distinguished members.

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