A Recap of FinancialForce 2016 Community Live – Las Vegas

June 20, 2016
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FinancialForce Community Live 2016 Recap

HRMS FinanacialForce Community Live 2016 with Jeremy RocheFinancialForce 2016 Community Live was a great opportunity for FinancialForce to circle the wagons, provide clarity for company progress, application roadmap, an introduction of new executive team members, winners of this year’s top customer awards and have each of the Client Advisory Boards (CAB) meet to discuss their respective products.

The conference opened with Adrian Ivanov, now assuming the leadership role of Chief Customer Officer, articulating the strategy ahead was to ensure customers are receiving maximum value with their FinancialForce Apps. Adrian discussed his priority to invest in training for customers, facilitate the building of a great end-user network and expand the online FinancialForce Community to provide a real destination of value. The theme for Community Live was “Imagine” which played well with the power of clients leveraging multiple FinancialForce applications and the impact it could have in managing their business. Imagining if individual applications like FinancialForce Human Capital Management (HCM) and FinancialForce Professional Services Automation (PSA) were unified and how this will enable companies to better predict and supply the resources needed to meet customer demands. The vision of this unification is powerful and compelling.

For me, one of the most interesting sessions that stood out was Rebecca Heyman’s, Product Marketing Manager, presentation on “10 Workforce Trends Changing HR Forever.

The 10 trends Rebecca presented, in no particular order, included: 10 Workforce Trends Changing HR Forever

  1. The Courtship of Future Workers
  2. General Shifts
  3. Rethinking Workers
  4. Rethinking Companies
  5. Rethinking Management
  6. Technology Adoption
  7. Digital Humanism
  8. Engagement Satisfactions
  9. Experiential Workplaces
  10. Rethinking Business Acumen in HR

In summary, this FinancialForce 2016 Community Live session focused on the workforce of the future, the difference in how it will look, its heavy reliance on technology and its consist shifting values. Constellation Research has published a report similar to Rebecca’s session, highlighting the “Top 10 HR Trends You Need to Plan For in 2016”. You can download this full report here: http://bit.ly/1YdGqPy.

The highlight of the conference for me was the further expansion and direction forward with Peoplecasting. What is Peoplecasting?

It is the combination or interoperability between FinancialForce HCM, FinancialForce PSA and Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for services organizations. It is the ability to forecast supply and demand for people, skills, and availability. The best and most profitable Professional Services Organizations (PSOs) know that providing the perfect balance of utilization and profitability is an art that requires a certain command of the business beyond the basics. FinancialForce is focused on delivering a transparent picture of its sales pipeline, projects and availability of staff to deliver the services by combining HCM, PSA and Salesforce CRM (Sales Cloud) together. Providing real-time dashboards and analytics are essential for operational managers to better manage the daily demand of delivering just-in-time services. The challenges facing businesses with the lack of the proper technology tools is only one level of frustration, but even having the proper technology tools without the interoperability provides a whole lot of manual intervention to get the data to the point for analysis.

For those business investing in comprehensive cloud applications that leverage a single cloud platform like Salesforce and offer a combined approach for Financials, Human Capital Management and Professional Services Automation, will provide a level of transparency with a high degree of automation and little human intervention.

As the event closed, Cirque du Soleil shared a stunning performance and proclaimed that the key to their success has been collaboration and reimagining. It was impressive!

Looking forward to next years event.


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