Post HCM Demonstration Follow Up

August 13, 2019
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3 Stages of the HCM Demonstration – Stage 3 of 3

HCM Demo Now WhatIn the previous two stages of the HCM demonstration (HCM demo) we examined planning and preparing for HCM demonstrations and the four primary areas of the HCM evaluation process. This last stage involves what happens after vendor presentations and some general considerations to narrow the search to a single vendor of choice. Quite frankly, it’s not uncommon for firms to begin to lose steam after vendor presentations are complete. It is a time in the evaluation process when confusion sets in trying to remember the details of the various vendor offerings (e.g. product functionality, customer services and security model, technical overview, implementation approach, subscription cost, etc.)

It’s our intent that this post HCM demo follow up blog will come in handy by providing your evaluation team with some advice and tips on things to consider after initial HCM demonstrations.


Post HCM Demo Follow Up


The evaluation and selection of a HCM vendor is not a process to be taken lightly considering the financial investment, resource and time commitment, and the fact that this system will touch practically every person within your firm, including potential new hires. In this “3 Stages of the HCM Demonstration” blog series we presented information that has proven to be effective in finding and sourcing the best vendor and solution for our clients. It is not an all-inclusive check-list but should provide a general guideline and practical approach to finding a new and successful HCM vendor partnership.

Lastly, we believe and have always found that the more work and due diligence done upfront and prior to the beginning of launching a new project, the easier it will be to identify the right, and wrong, vendors for your firm and the better the outcome. Take your time. Plan and be prepared with a strategy before you embark upon the HCM demo part of the evaluation process.


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