Holy Grail of Project Team Management

People can make or break your project

Industry estimates are that 50% of projects fail.
The main reason? People and teams.

Ideally, we all want the Holy Grail: a safe, predictable and accurate project, on time and on budget.  But when the inevitable happens internally or externally –  employee churn, something missed in discovery,  even industry or world events – you want an established partner that has the infrastructure to deal with and mitigate the negative effects and lead to project success.   

Finding the right partner for your project isn’t as elusive as it may seem.  Using workforce planning and technology, your partner should be able to provide the right people for the right amount of work and the right amount of time on your project … even when challenges occur. 

Join Bonnie Tinder, CEO at Raven Intelligence, Sunshine Brown, Chief Services Officer at HRMS Solutions and Mike Psenka, Founder & CEO of Moovila as they discuss the Holy Grail of Project Team Management and what it can look like.