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Training Admin Portal

Training Admin Portal

Cyber Train is a web-based, role orientated training management system designed to manage employee training requirements, enrollments, and certifications, easily and accurately. This simple to use tool empowers supervisors, instructors and employees by making information regarding classes, course requirements, programs and certifications available via the web and not just through the HR department.

This intuitive, highly automated, and powerful software is the perfect tracking solution to help ensure that your employees receive the training they need.

Integrated with your HRIS

Integrated with your HRIS

Cyber Train works in concert with your HR software to avoid re-keying of information. Simply use your system export feature or reporting tool to feed Cyber Train any new employees or employee changes.

With Cyber Train's easy-to-use import feature, you can quickly import employees, required courses, courses taken, certification, and more. Cyber Train also offers deep, out-of-the-box integration with Sage HRMS.

Core Features

Training & Development Tracking

Track employee and non-employee training requirements, current enrollments, certifications and programs.

Self-Service Portal

Allows access to information and functionality by the employee, supervisor, instructor or training managers.

Automatic Notifications

Easily track training requirements with automatic notifications of upcoming certification expirations to employees supervisors and training managers.

Streamline Requirements

Automatically add training requirements to employee based on job title, organization level or supervisor initiated.

Tuition Reimbursement

Allow employees to submit both tuition reimbursement requests and external training requests and track them throughout the automated routing and approval process.

Curriculum Management

Curriculum creation allows set up of logical flow of required classes and programs, allowing users to track when employees are in the process of completing requirements.

Compliance Protection

Let Cyber Train be your watch dog to ensure that employees stay in compliance with job requirements and licenses/certs.

Training Class Management

Limit class enrollment to certain organizational levels or to desired number of students.

Online Testing

Ensure knowledge transfer of training information to students with Cyber Train.

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