Beardsley Design – Engineering HR Efficiency with Sage HR

"I don’t know how we managed all of our HR & Payroll needs before Sage HRMS"

Beardsley Design Associates needed to centralize their HR and payroll processes with a single-point of integration by eliminating ‘administrivia’ and interfacing Sage HR and Payroll to Deltek Vision.

Engineering HR Efficiency

Beardsley Design Associates (BDA) specializes in full-service architecture and engineering, as well as planning and design. With three offices in New York State, the firm serves a wide range of clients in the northeast and throughout the United States. The firm has an award-winning reputation for design-build project delivery, as well as cutting-edge sustainable and green design.

By 2004, BDA’s HR manager, Karen Jones, faced a problem. The company’s processes for HR and payroll weren’t keeping pace with the success of their growing firm. Although payroll processing was outsourced, the rest of the HR functions were still managed in-house using an array of Excel spreadsheets and paper files.

Moving Beyond Spreadsheets

“The biggest reason we had for implementing a full HR system was getting everything in one place. Tracking everything with spreadsheets was starting to drive me crazy,” admits Jones. “If someone changed something in one of our spreadsheets, it would change the formulas and throw off calculations in other sheets. Trying to ensure accuracy was becoming unbelievably difficult.”

BDA first turned to Deltek®, their financial management application provider, for help finding an HR application. Deltek suggested evaluating Sage HRMS for an integrated, centralized solution. Jones began to evaluate Sage and two other solutions. After seeing a demo of each solution, she became convinced Sage provided the functionality needed along with an existing integration between Sage Payroll and Deltek Vision.

I like having user-defined features that we can gear toward what we need as a design firm,” Jones says, “and Sage is easy to use with the right training. The simplest things save me time. I used to have to pull a file folder for almost any change. Now, I just point and click.

Jones chose HRMS Solutions, a national provider of workforce management software solutions, to manage the deployment, training, and support for Sage. The Washington, D.C.-based firm is both a Sage and Deltek authorized business partner and a member of Sage Software’s President’s Circle.

“Beardsley Design Associates needed to centralize their HR and payroll processes with a single-point of integration by eliminating ‘administrivia’ and interfacing Sage Payroll to Deltek Vision. Sage HRMS provides a comprehensive suite of workforce management tools to optimize the HR, payroll, training, and recruiting process. For BDA, Sage HRMS delivers a better total value, while significantly enhancing control over their HR and payroll administration. Overall, they now have a solution that provides them an in-house end-to-end solution,” says Mike Maiorino, CEO of HRMS Solutions.

“After implementation, HRMS Solutions came to our Auburn office to train us. They were very knowledgeable. Once I went through training, I was pleased with Sage – it could do even more than I had realized,” Jones recalls.

Eliminating double or triple entry of data has been a big benefit for us,” she continues. “When I make a change in Sage HR, for example updating an employee’s address, I know that Sage automatically makes the same change to benefits and payroll.

Better Control Over Payroll Processing

Gaining control over payroll reporting was a big incentive for implementing Sage Payroll. Like many companies working with payroll outsourcing services, BDA staff and management were frustrated at the lack of comprehensive reporting capabilities. At times, it felt like their data didn’t belong to them.

“When we decided to stop using Fidelity for payroll and move to Sage Payroll, we certainly looked at the cost. But that wasn’t the only reason we wanted to bring payroll in-house,” Jones explains. “We were having issues trying to get the reporting features we wanted from Fidelity. With Sage Payroll, we are able to use Crystal Reports® to pull exactly the data we need to build our reports.”

“One of the major goals at BDA was to consolidate HR & Payroll processing with improved control of the expenses/liabilities generated by a payroll cycle. With Sage HRMS, we were able to strengthen the payroll cycle and have the payroll numbers flow directly into Deltek Vision financials for accurate record keeping,” says Catherine McMillan, COO, HRMS Solutions.

Building a Superior Work Force

Sage Recruiting provides BDA with a tool to track applicants throughout the candidate review process. The system helps Jones ensure a smooth recruiting process; it also provides all of the reporting required to demonstrate compliance with their Affirmative Action Plan. And she can retain information about past applicants, so when another architect or engineer position opens, she can provide the hiring manager with a list of possible candidates right away.

“Overall, we are pleased with our decision to purchase Sage HRMS, as well as bring our payroll in-house,” says Jones.

Jones uses Sage Train to track and report on training that the company offers its employees. When it is time for performance evaluations and promotion decisions, she provides supervisors with reports that show them what each of their employees accomplished.

Finding Long Term Value

Today, HRMS Solutions continues to provide the firm with training or technical support whenever needed. Jones appreciates the partnership and notes

HRMS Solutions provides great service and support. Even though we’ve been using Sage for nearly four years, they still contact me two or three times per year to make sure we’re getting the most we can out of the system.

Jones believes she also found lasting value with Sage. Designed for small to mid-sized businesses, Sage will continue to grow with Beardsley Design Associates. Jones looks forward to finding ways to take advantage of additional Sage modules in the future. She has even recommended Sage, as well as HRMS Solutions, to other colleagues.

“Going through the demo doesn’t even begin to tell you everything the system can do for your company,” Jones acknowledges. “I’m still finding new ways to take advantage of all the features in Sage. To be honest, I don’t know how we managed all of our HR needs before Sage!”


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