Impossible UltiPro Implementation for FedNat without Assistance from HRMS

Absolutely incredible teamwork

Founded in Florida in 1992, FedNat is committed to providing fair and competitive insurance coverage pricing coupled with exceptional customer service. Their unmatched customer service and fair, competitive pricing give you peace of mind protection for your home and everything in it.


HR Manager of Operations, Melissa Snyder, describes her “Business Critical” UltiPro implementation experience with HRMS.

Recommended by Ultimate, FedNat chose HRMS amongst other implementation partners based on honesty, integrity and knowing HRMS would deliver. HRMS provided best practice insight and designed the UltiPro HCM platform enabling FedNat to get the most out of their investment.

After her UltiPro experience, Melissa stated she would not do another implementation without an HRMS consultant. She shared that her HRMS implementation consultant didn’t have a vested interest in her failure, but in her success.

The HRMS teamwork is absolutely incredible and the most cohesive team Melissa has ever seen. She said every single person on the HRMS team did everything in their power to make her successful. The UltiPro implementation would have been impossible for FedNat without HRMS.

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