Inland Imaging – Recruits Talented Professionals with Cyber Recruiter

"Fill open positions faster and more efficiently"

A leader in diagnostic medical imaging throughout the western United States, they needed some new technology to help their recruiters and hiring managers fill open positions faster and more efficiently.

Inland Imaging Recruits Talented Professionals with Cyber Recruiter

Inland Imaging Business Associates is a leader in diagnostic medical images and provides services throughout the western United States. The company, headquartered in Spokane, Washington, relies on the latest state-of-the-art technology to provide superior diagnostic imaging services to patients and their referring physicians.  But when it came to recruiting experienced professionals to fill job openings, the HR team realized they needed some new technology of their own.

Inland Imaging decided to implement Cyber Recruiter, a web-based recruiting solution that streamlines the recruiting process to help recruiters and hiring managers fill open positions faster and more efficiently.  The company turned to HRMS Solutions, a Washington D.C. based solution provider specializing in HRIS, recruiting and talent management solutions, that had previously implemented their HR Software system.

“Helping Inland Imaging move away from the heavy transactional burden of processing new candidates and getting their entire team involved in the recruiting process were the top priorities of this project” says Mike Maiorino, CEO of HRMS Solutions. “More and more companies want to empower candidates by allowing them to apply on-line with a personalized application based on the desired position. This relieves recruiters of the data entry burden. The best part for the Inland Imaging recruiting team was when they found a candidate that accepted their offer, they simply synchronized the Cyber Recruiter database with Ascentis HR and that person was now hired as an employee in the HRIS system.”

We wanted a Web-based recruiting solution that would work with Ascentis HR,” advises Francis. “There were only a couple of products that would even integrate with Ascentis HR and HRMS Solutions guided us in the right direction by recommending Cyber Recruiter,” explains Becky Francis, Benefits Manager for Inland Imaging.

Inland Imaging presented some challenges during its implementation which shortly turned into true opportunities to make Cyber Recruiter excel in the end. Inland Imaging required the management of several recruiting entities, each with their own unique requisites and obligations.  Our professional services team was able to handle these demands and still maintain the centralized reporting and analysis needed by corporate to obtain the recruiting data they were after” says Mike Maiorino, CEO for HRMS Solutions.

With the ability to automatically post open positions on their website, gather all applicant information electronically, and send pre-formatted e-mails to applicants and hiring managers, Inland Imaging transformed a disjointed recruiting process into a smooth progression from job requisition to hiring.

Paperless Work-Flow Increases Efficiency

Inland Imaging’s recruiting process once relied on inefficient, manual data entry and paper shuffling to process candidates. Without an efficient way to track a job opening or an applicant, the recruiting process wasn’t as effective as it should have been. “We used to have an Excel spreadsheet to track all of our open positions,” recalls Shelly Peterson, Sr. Project Manager. “The process certainly wasn’t smooth, and I don’t know that we were actually screening applicants very well.”

Applicants now apply for jobs through Inland Imaging’s website, which completely automates the data entry process and allows Recruiter Danielle Griffis to easily search through resumes to find applicants with specific qualifications.

“Once we had Cyber Recruiter in place, we stopped accepting paper applications,” says Griffis. With much less paper to organize and file, Griffis can concentrate on filling positions with the most qualified applicants. In addition, the online system saves applicant information so they can easily apply for additional job openings without re-entering their information.

In addition, Cyber Recruiter saves job descriptions and automatically posts openings to the website. “When Danielle opens a particular job opening, it pulls the job description to the website,” explains Peterson. “We receive an e-mail notification saying that the final approval is in, and then we can go in to post it so the website is up-to-date.”

Automated Routing and approvals

Cyber Recruiter is a process-oriented system that is highly configurable to the needs of each individual company. Automated e-mail features facilitate communications with hiring managers and document every step of the job posting process.

“Our company runs on consensus, so there are tons of different approvals you have to get before you can post positions,” explains Francis. “Prior to Cyber Recruiter, our recruiter, who doesn’t always have easy access to our higher executive officers, had to try to track those people down and get them to approve these positions.”

Cyber Recruiter relieves this burden by routing approvals to the correct managers, and creating an electronic paper trail of e-mail requests and responses. “Now, team leaders and team supervisors can log on and create the positions. Then, the system automatically routes messages through the approval processes. By the time it reaches HR, it should have all of the approvals necessary to post the job. It is much more streamlined than before,” shares Griffis.

Easy Communication with Applicants

Cyber Recruiter also makes it simple to communicate with applicants. As a company that is highly focused on customer service, it is important to Inland Imaging to leave a good impression with job applicants.

“We had so many applicants, and we never got back to people if they weren’t selected. We did not have the time to organize applicant data into any kind of database so we could easily respond to applicants,” explains Griffis. “If we upset an applicant who is also a patient, that will not reflect well on our company.”

Cyber Recruiter transformed this process with convenient e-mail templates and a comprehensive database. “We can send 50 applicants an e-mail at one time with just the click of a button. This is a great feature of Cyber Recruiter – you can communicate with people so easily. I love this,” Griffis declares.

Reporting Capabilities Lead to Better Overall Picture of Recruiting Process

Cyber Recruiter includes robust applicant, requisition and EEO reporting capabilities that companies can use to improve business intelligence. Inland Imaging uses the general reporting features to gain an understanding of the effectiveness of the hiring process.

“We really couldn’t do reporting before Cyber Recruiter because we weren’t tracking which positions had come open multiple times under a particular hiring manager,” explains Griffis. “But now, we can sort the data in so many ways.  We can see how many openings each hiring manager has had, and we can start doing some turnover tracking and time-to-hire reporting.”

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