California Fish Grill Finds Perfect UltiPro Pro Implementation Partner in HRMS Solutions

Assuring a successful UltiPro implementation

California Fish Grill believes it should be easy to enjoy healthy, delicious seafood, at a great price, as often as you want. Since 1998 they have been grilling and crafting delicious, healthy, seafood favorites. Pledged to have respect for the ocean by partnering with reputable fisheries.


Human Resource Manager, Russell Carney, shares his “you’re in good hands” UltiPro implementation experience with HRMS.

California Fish Grill new it would be a great partnership and successful UltiPro (nka UKG Pro) implementation from the moment they met their HRMS consultant. Russell stated that “our HRMS consultant fit into the California Fish Grill team right off the bat, understood our personalities, and made the implementation ‘not scary for us.”

He further explains that the most significant improvement with working with HRMS is the California Fish Grill team being taught ‘what to do with the UltiPro system’ and ‘how to properly utilize UltiPro in our day-to-day operations.’

“The UltiPro implementation would have taken a lot longer and the implementation probably would have been a mess without HRMS”, said Mr. Carney.

HRMS is a perfect solution for anyone in HR or Payroll that has a lot going on day to day and is looking for the perfect UltiPro implementation partner. It is reassuring to know that the UltiPro implementation will be successful and that UltiPro will be working properly when retaining HRMS.

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