Perkins Eastman – A More Efficient Workforce with Epicor HCM

"It’s a dream to have Epicor HCM"

"We would definitely recommend HRMS Solutions to other firms. They know their business and the workforce management marketplace, and they’ve done enough work with A E & E firms to really understand our business."

Architecting a More Effcient Workforce

Since its founding in 1981, Perkins Eastman has become a leading international architecture, urban design, and interior design firm offering programming, planning, design, strategic planning, and consulting services. They specialize in progressive and innovative design that exceeds client goals and enhances the human experience. Integral to the firm’s success is the extensive knowledge of its 500+ highly-skilled employees around the world. This truly global firm has completed projects in over 25 countries and supports seven U.S. offices as well as five offices abroad.

Manual HR system needed a major overhaul

Perkins Eastman manages most HR functions from its New York office. That often proved difficult and time consuming with a manual system of spreadsheets and paper forms. HR Manager, Tracy Maher, recalls the cumbersome manual process. “Everything we did was either in a spreadsheet or Word document, or through e-mail,” she explains. “There were numerous steps involved in any  new hire and multiple places where the information had to be entered about the employee. We had to enter them in the payroll system, the accounting system, add them to another spreadsheet where we tracked salaries, and yet another spreadsheet where we tracked employee identification numbers. The list goes on and on.” When it became time to implement a new project management system, the firm saw an opportunity to also add a new human resource information system (HRIS). Along with their new Deltek Vision® project management solution, they began considering HRIS software that would meet their unique needs. “We figured if we were going to put new systems in place, we might as well do them all at the same time.

“Deltek referred us to HRMS Solutions because of their prior experience working with Architectural and Engineering firms and their ability to offer us a choice for purchasing and implementing HR Technology that integrates with Deltek Vision. Before coming on-site to present Epicor HCM, HRMS conducted a thorough needs assessment about our current state, our business processes, and requirements for our future state. This due diligence by HRMS provided them the necessary insight to really demonstrate the capabilities of Epicor HCM and help us justify the investment.”

HRMS Solutions is a Washington D.C. firm offering a portfolio of HRIS solutions and has a large client base of Architectural and Engineering firms. HRMS is also a certified Deltek Business Partner and has extensive domain expertise with Deltek Vision. “We would definitely recommend HRMS Solutions to other firms,” Maher relates. “They know the HR technology business and the workforce management marketplace, and they’ve done enough work with A & E firms to really understand our business. They’ve been terrific.”

Integration to Deltek Vision and ADP top priorities

For Perkins Eastman, the key to finding a winning HRIS system was choosing one that worked seamlessly with the new project management system. “The main reason for choosing Epicor HCMwas the ease of integration with Deltek Vision. It was really important to find a solution that would give us a one-stop shop. Now we can do everything we need to do in the HRIS system, and it automatically gets distributed to the other systems within our enterprise,” Maher explains. Perkins Eastman processes payroll with ADP. Epicor HCM features an ADP interface that also offers a single point of entry. It works so well that Perkins Eastman will soon be adding the functionality to integrate with their benefit carriers. “We’re looking forward to being able to do one-stop entry for our medical, dental, and vision benefits as well,” explains Maher. “It will be a huge time saver not having to enter the same information two or three times.”

One point of data entry increases efficiency

With Epicor HCM, the Perkins Eastman HR department now has an HRIS to automate, manage, and analyze employee data from candidates applying online to employees retiring, all from one point of data entry and common user interface within the Epicor HCM system. The manual system was prone to errors and required a lot of double and even triple data entry. “When you’re dealing with multiple places of information, there’s always a chance that the information isn’t 100% accurate. Many times, we had to redo a spreadsheet after realizing that it wasn’t completely up-to-date,” Maher recalls. Now that Epicor HCM has been implemented, the process is simplified. “We’ve noticed the ease of inputting new hires and the ease of tracking them. You don’t go to multiple places. Everything is in one location,” Maher explains. This not only saves time, but also eliminates errors. “With one source of information, we don’t have the incomplete, inaccurate spreadsheet issues anymore. Our data is always accurate. And you don’t have to worry about missing something important, because if you do, the system will tell you.”

Creating reports has never been easier

With Epicor HCM’s easy-to-use reporting features, Maher says what once took her nearly 2 hours can now be done in 15 minutes. “Since we’ve launched, it’s much easier to pull information, it’s much faster, and accurate. Prior to that, we’d have to pull a subset of data from one spreadsheet and put it into another spreadsheet, and verify everything. Now, I query just the data I need, and it comes up quickly.” Maher not only uses the predefined reports, such as EEO compliance reports, but also finds it easy to create her own Adhoc/customized reports. “It is fairly intuitive to learn,” she assures. “We had a training session to teach us the basics, and from there, I learned on my own and can now create exactly what I need.”

Paperless self-service tools further increase efficiency

Maher appreciates the new paperless system to review resumes and search for the skills and qualities they look for in employees. “The applicant tracking system has just been wonderful. Searching resumes is so much easier now, as is keeping track of all our candidates. The ability to collect everything into one place and to find it easily is amazing,” explains Maher. Perkins Eastman plans to roll out additional paperless systems in the future. “We are going to roll out Manager Self Service and Employee Self Service within the next year or so and I’m really looking forward to that,” says Maher. This will allow their employees, no matter where they are in the world, to complete their own benefits enrollment, review their benefits plans, complete their annual performance review or change their address or contact information, and have full access to their HR records.

HRMS helps with data conversion

Preparing the data from Perkins Eastman’s prior resume collection system, along with their assortment of proprietary spreadsheets, could have been a real challenge. However, the experienced implementation team from HRMS Solutions took care of all the details. “It was painless for me,” Maher describes. “HRMS Solutions did all of the data conversion from our old system to Epicor HCM. We provided HRMS Solutions with our spreadsheets, which came from about four different locations, and very little was in the correct format. But they handled it without a problem.” As for Epicor HCM, Maher can’t say enough about how happy she is to work with it. “It’s been a terrific system to use. Coming from no system, it’s a dream to have Epicor HCM. And to have Epicor HCM work so well with our other systems—it’s just really wonderful.”

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