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A fully integrated human resources, benefits administration and payroll system.

PDS Vista HRMS is a web-native suite of HR, Payroll, Benefits, Recruiting, Workflow and Self-Service functionality that provides comprehensive, yet flexible tools to help you manage and access data across your enterprise. By using a single-database solution from end-to-end, companies can gain efficiencies by dramatically reducing transactional processes and have easy access to key metrics for better decision-making.

Vista HRMS offers extensive workflow capabilities and combines both position and employee management. Its intelligent cross-border capabilities allow you to manage both U.S. and Canadian employees within a single solution.

PDS supports either a Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle database and utilizes the .NET framework. In addition, PDS not only provides Vista HRMS as On-Premise deployment, but also in a Managed Hosted Services environment.

Vista HRMS functionality is available on a smartphone (i.e. iPhone, Android and Windows) too!


Vista HRMS Solution Overview

Human Resources: Vista HRMS's Human Resources component provides you with the tools to streamline maintaining information for your employees from application, hire, status change and promotion, through termination.

Benefits: The Benefits component is a comprehensive benefits administration system that accommodates a variety of management policies and procedures.

Payroll: The Payroll component provides an efficient method of payroll processing with the flexibility to address individual customer requirements.

Self Service: Using a standard browser interface, Vista HRMS's Web capability can free your company's human resource, benefits and payroll staff from many redundant service tasks so that you can be more productive and more cost-efficient.

Workflow: The Vista HRMS workflow component allows flow information with or without related documents to be passed around to different users in an pre-ordered fashion, with optional requirements for input and decisions at each step, allowing for flow changes based on the input.

Background checks: One click streamlines and simplifies the process for checking on candidates and even current employees, using IntelliCorp, which is accredited through the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS).

Additional Vista HRMS features and components

  • Vista Analytics provides a a configurable toolset that provides real-time visibility into important metrics to help Vista HRMS users make more informed decisions.
  • PDS e-Assistant provides an array of services, including task scheduling, system account, email directory management, and workflow processing, to extend Vista's HR functionality. As such, it becomes the link between Vista and the back office, enabling customers to truly automate and integrate the administrative and workflow aspects of the HR process.
  • Vista EasyAsk is an integrated query tool for managers and users to access the Vista database directly, without technical assistance or training. Simply ask questions in simple English language and the tool does the rest automatically and dynamically.
  • Vista's Security component provides a comprehensive and complete array of security features and options enabling you to manage a user's ability to add, update or delete information by setting up templates that define access to applications and data.
  • Position Control: Vista allows you to manage your organization not just from the perspective of employees, but also jobs and positions. You can track a wide variety of job and position-related data, including qualifications, applicants, complete history, dates, and budgetary requirements.

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