Our team of certified consultants, a proven and collaborative methodology, and a premier service delivery approach offers clients a better UKG launch implementation experience.

You are transforming your HR, payroll, time and talent management functions using UKG solutions, why not choose HRMS as your Trusted Partner. Our dedicated consultants possess domain experience in human resources and payroll, certified application knowledge, project management proficiency, and software implementation expertise. We truly listen to our clients, paying attention to the little details as well as the big picture.


We are experts in HR, Payroll, Time and Talent who are passionate about delivering quality implementation services and helping customers fully leverage UKG.

Benefit from Our Experience

If anyone on your team hasn’t implemented UKG, or a past HCM implementation is far in the rear-view mirror, you may feel like you’re starting your project at less than zero. HRMS removes the guesswork with the experience of hundreds of successful UKG deployments and a consistent record of exceeding customer expectations.

For over two decades we’ve done it for others – we can help you do it too.

Our Time Becomes Your Time

There are only so many hours in a day and you want to start realizing the full benefit of your UKG application quickly as possible.

HRMS will help you prioritize what’s important, set realistic timelines, and optimize your time with the addition of our time and resources.

Maintain Project Focus

With day-to-day tasks and other obligations competing with the UKG Launch, your team has valid concerns about missing project milestones and timeframes.

HRMS leads your launch with dedicated resources whose sole focus is your UKG project. This ensures the solution is properly configured, field tested and deployed on time.

Launch Implementation Service Offerings

We work side-by-side with you to deliver an exceptional experience and ensure a successful UKG deployment.

Project Management

Your HRMS consultant will help with project scheduling, tracking milestones, developing test and contingency plans, managing resources, and ensuring the successful completion of project deliverables on time and on budget.

Core Team Orientation

Before deciding on the specific configuration, your core project team gains a better understanding of UKG system capabilities and functionality.

Analysis & Planning

Our system design analysis and blueprinting workshop is intended to identify the desired software design and specific outcomes to meet your company’s objectives.

System Configuration Services

Similar to framing the inside of a house with 2 x 4’s, the mapping or re-engineering of business processes is configured for your organization using the toolset within your UKG system.

Data Extraction Services

Our team of technical consultants work with you to collect the identified data, including historical information, from your existing system(s) and converts the data for use in UKG.

User Acceptance Testing

Pre-production, your core project team is provided with scenarios and support to facilitate the review, validation and testing of UKG system configuration. This process helps ensure a successful delivery of your “live” system.

Core Team End User Training

We’ll deliver training to the core team using your configured system and your organization’s data just before “go-live”. We find training with your own data vs. sample data is significantly more effective.

“Go-Live” Readiness & System Stabilization

As the system is transitioned from staging to your “live” production environment, your HRMS Solution Consultant will provide support for the core project team, provide assistance with any supplemental adjustments and help ensure an effective company adoption of UKG.

Integration & Testing Services

Understand the expectations for any inbound or outbound integration touchpoints including third parties like payroll providers, insurance carriers or LMS.

Ensure Success from the Start

Build a solid foundation for success with Launch Implementation Services.

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What Our Clients Say

Our HRMS consultant has been great and without her help we would not be able to get through the implementation.

HR Director
Business Services

HRMS was by our side the entire time. They were there to support us, answer all our questions quickly and kept us on track to meet our deadlines. HRMS helped us implement new software at a busy time, and they reminded us of all the items we may have overlooked. Their support was impeccable!

Payroll & Benefits Specialist