• HR Transformation with UKG

    HR Transformation with UKG, HRMS & Patriot Growth Insurance Services

    Bonnie Tinder (CEO & Founder of Raven Intelligence) is joined by Amanda Ofcharsky (Patriot Growth Insurance Services) and Jenny Rosengren (HRMS Solutions) as they [...]

  • Types of HRIS Systems

    Types of HR Systems: HRIS vs. HRMS vs. HCM

    Table of Contents HRIS (Human Resource Information System) HRMS (Human Resource Management System) HCM (Human Capital Management) Cost Considerations Among Types of HR Systems [...]

  • The Value of Being an Exclusive HCM Implementation Partner vs. Supporting Multiple Platforms

    How the Master of One Elevates the Client Experience For thirteen years, our company believed that supporting multiple HCM platforms was the best approach [...]

  • Approach to HCM Implementation

    Measure Twice, Cut Once: Benefits of a Thorough Approach in HCM Implementation

    Bonnie Tinder, CEO & Founder of Raven Intelligence, is joined by Mike Maiorino, Founder & CEO and Ben Munoz, Chief Services Officer of HRMS Solutions, as they [...]

  • HRIS & Payroll Pricing Subscription Models

    HRIS & Payroll Pricing Subscription Models – the Difference Between PEPM and PEPP

    Which cloud pricing model is right for you and your organization? As you evaluate HRIS and payroll vendors, you may not be aware that [...]

  • Teaser HRIS Implementation Services

    HRIS Buyers Beware: The 4 Pitfalls of Teaser HRIS Implementation Services

    Quick Time Fame. Low Cost. What Are You missing? Commonly used by cloud providers, teaser HRIS implementation services are designed to be completed quickly [...]

  • Good Fast Cheap - HCM Implementation Approach

    How do you want your HCM Implementation? Good, Fast or Cheap?

    Understanding the Importance of Knowing the HCM Implementation Approach of Your Service Provider The first time I saw the phrase “Good, Fast or Cheap” [...]

  • Project Team Management-Holy Grail

    The Holy Grail of Project Team Management

    Hear from industry leaders as they discuss the three main challenges of managing people and projects, and how technology—plus a new approach to capacity planning—can [...]

  • Vaccine Mandate Policy

    Civil Liberties & Vaccine Mandate Policy

    Balancing Your Employees Liberties with President Biden’s New Vaccine Mandate PolicyNavigation of current vaccine mandates rules and regulations for private business is a complex legal [...]

  • Project Management Methodology

    A PM-First Mindset: How Project Management Methodology Can Instill Client Confidence In Your Software Implementation

    When choosing an implementation partner for your new HCM (Human Capital Management) software, how can you filter the signal from the noise? With so many [...]

  • Prepare for your HCM Implementation

    10 Recommendations to Prepare for Your HCM Implementation

    The time has come. Be proactive, be flexible and be prepared. You’ve spent months, potentially years, researching, evaluating and choosing the right HCM system for your [...]

  • Client-Side Implementation Services

    Client-Side Implementation Services and the Impact on Buyer’s Remorse

    Looking to make a change from your HCM provider because of poor service?  We recently read a study published by Kelton Global that nearly 8 in [...]

  • Reasons to Leave Your PEO

    Top Reasons Businesses Leave Their PEO

    Is the convenience of paying your PEO really worth it? If your business is using a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) or if your organization has [...]

  • HR Software Reference Checks

    Best Practices for Conducting HR Software Reference Checks

    recommended Questions to Ask HR Software References Part of the due diligence process for selecting a Human Capital Management (HCM) system should involve checking vendor references. Yes, [...]

  • The Voice of the Customer Speaks Volumes

    Finding the real customer sentiment and project delivery results for consulting firms to make a well-informed decision is critical.   Choosing the right Human Capital [...]

  • HCM Demo

    Post HCM Demo Follow Up

    3 Stages of the HCM Demonstration - Stage 3 of 3 In the previous two stages of the HCM demonstration (HCM demo) we examined planning [...]

  • JudgesScorecard-HCM Evaluation

    The HCM Evaluation

    3 Stages of the HCM Demonstration - Stage 2 of 3 In the first stage, Planning and Preparing for the Vendor Demonstration, we presented areas for [...]

  • HCM Demonstration

    Planning and preparing for the HCM Demonstration

    3 Stages of the HCM Demonstration - Stage 1 of 3Many of the suggestions and recommendations listed below could apply to other types of SaaS software [...]

  • Unified or Best-of-Breed

    The HR and Payroll Software Dilemma of Unified or Best-of-Breed Strategy

    A Unified or Best-of-Breed Strategy?You don’t realize it, but it’s highly likely that the next time you begin to evaluate a new vendor for HRIS, [...]

  • No RFPs

    6 Reasons to Skip the HRIS RFP When Purchasing HR and Payroll Software

    I am going to get straight to the point in this blog: I am passionately opposed to using an RFP to buy any kind of [...]

  • Clean HR Data

    The Importance of Clean HR Data

    As human resources departments leave behind the paper pushing of the past and transition to becoming a business partner to the organization, organizations have increasingly [...]

  • Key Factors for Successfully Implementing an HRIS

    Key Factors for Successfully Implementing an HRIS?

    Looking for recommendations to effectively implement an HRIS?   I have a compiled a list of best practices and key factors for successfully implementing an [...]

  • Upgrade an existing HCM

    Upgrade an Existing HCM or Buy an Entirely New System?

    The average lifecycle of a Human Capital Management System (HCM) is 7-8 years. If you find yourself near the end of this timeframe, or perhaps [...]

  • HR Analytics

    HR Analytics – Separating Reality from Buzz

    Based on all the buzz in the media these days, you might think human resource departments everywhere are diving into big data and embracing HR [...]

  • Season Greetings 2017

    As another year comes to an end, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have helped us shape our business and made our success [...]

  • open enrollment road sign

    How the Open Enrollment Process Allows HR Executives to Justify an HRIS

    “The Major Compelling Event” You’re probably not thinking about it too awfully much this time of year (mostly because it gives you nightmares), but [...]

  • Ready, Fire, Aim! Should HCM Projects Follow This Approach?

    Is Ready, Fire, Aim the Best Strategy for HCM Project Success?   “Ready, Fire, Aim!” I’ll bet you’ve heard this phrase before. They have written [...]

  • 2016 Happy New Year

    Happy Holiday wishes from the team at HRMS Solutions

    This time of the year gives us the opportunity to pause and reflect on the important people and things around us, to express how thankful we are [...]

  • HCM Cloud Implementation Partner

    Why A HCM Cloud Implementation Partner Offers Greater Value

    You and the HR team are through the better part of the sales cycle evaluating several Human Capital Management (HCM) cloud vendors. As the [...]

  • Talent management vs human capital management

    Talent Management vs Human Capital Management – What’s the Better Strategy?

    I recently read a blog posted by one of my associates regarding the strategy of a standalone talent management solution or holistic HRIS/HCM. There [...]

  • Silos and farm scene

    Standalone Talent Management Solution or Holistic HRIS/HCM?

    An increasingly common question I’ve been hearing lately is should my organization solve for just one or two gaps in our HR Technology void [...]

  • Recruitment

    Using Organic SEO to Energize Your Recruitment Efforts

    Many HR professionals believe that SEO (search engine optimization) should be left to the IT and marketing departments. After all, it’s technical and it [...]

  • We've Moved!

    We’ve moved!

    It's official - we've moved!   After 12 years in Washington, D.C., we are excited to announce our move to Boulder, CO. Our new corporate [...]

  • How do you Justify an Investment when HRIS ROI is not Quantifiable?

    How do you justify an investment when HRIS ROI is not quantifiable?

    It’s Monday, and you’re in a HR team meeting discussing strategy for the next 12 months. Your VP announces that the executive committee believes [...]

  • Salesforce for HR

    Salesforce for HR and the Impact to the HR Community

    Salesforce for HR is a set of Human Resource tools designed to improve employee engagement and retention. Recently Salesforce introduced Salesforce for HR - the [...]

  • Is HR Data Security Compromised by Mobile HRIS Apps

    Is HR Data Security Compromised by Mobile HRIS Apps

    MOBILE ENABLEMENT WITHOUT INCREASING HR DATA SECURITY RISKS - SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT. With so much information in the news recently about cyber security and [...]

  • Human Resource Management for NGOs Requires a Unified Global HR Technology Strategy

    Human Resource Management for NGOs Requires a Unified Global HR Technology Strategy

    Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have become quite prominent with missions such as economic growth, political stability, faith based, human rights, and health and education progress. [...]

  • Health Benefits enrollment form

    What is the #1 HRIS Feature Driving More Investments in HR Technology? You might be shocked.

    What is the #1 feature that compels HR professionals to propose new investments for HRIS Software in the SMB (small and medium business) market? [...]

  • HIPAA HiTech Compliant

    HITECH ACT – Expanded HIPAA Rules: Are You Aware of Your Obligation?

    If you think no one will notice if you’re not in compliance – think again.   If you think no one will notice if you’re [...]

  • Oklahoma Electric Feature

    Why Electric Cooperatives Should Care About HR Technology

    Why are so many Electric Cooperatives investing in HR Technology and a Human Resource Information System (HRIS)? Electric Cooperatives (Co-Ops) are faced with a unique challenge [...]

  • Effectively Selecting HRIS and Talent Management Vendors

    No one wants to replace a solution after only a few years, so selecting the right vendor is critical to building a solid foundation to [...]

  • Mobile HR - The New Urgency

    Mobile HR – The New Urgency

    Until recently, many companies viewed mobile HR capabilities as a "nice to have” as part of their HRIS system. They anticipated using mobile capabilities at [...]

  • Cloud vs On-Premise

    As technology advances and Cloud based vendors’ become mature, we’re often asked about Cloud vs On-Premise delivery models by prospective companies looking to invest in [...]

  • Using Dashboards to Visualize HR Health

    It’s all in the numbers as they say, and the numbers can be quite telling from an HR perspective, allowing VP’s and Directors of HR [...]

  • The HRIS Dream - The Next Big Thing

    The HRIS Dream – The Next Big Thing

    THE HRIS DREAM: THE NEXT BIG THING Ahhhh, "The HRIS Dream” They say dreams don’t come cheap, or that they don’t come true. Yet everyone [...]

  • Putting the H Back in Hiring

    Putting the H back in Hiring

    In the depths of the recession, there was an average of six unemployed people for every open job in the United States. Slowly, that average [...]

  • Buyers Beware: The Commoditization of Professional Services

    As the adoption of cloud HRIS systems accelerates from early adopters to becoming the norm, the way HR technology vendors package and propose implementation [...]