• Using AI in HR for Immediate Impact

    Welcome to an exclusive HR-focused webinar in transforming HR through AI technology.

    HR professionals are in a very unique position. While you need to leverage GenAI to enhance your skills and abilities as you tackle HR-related challenges, you also have the responsibility to be the catalyst for widespread AI literacy in your workplace. To unlock the power of GenAI, you need to understand and learn about it yourself before you can guide employees through the learning process to use AI for increased productivity, efficiency, and innovation.

    Listen in and you'll leave this webinar recording with actionable AI strategies that you can start using right away.

    Using AI in HR for Immediate impact
  • HR Transformation Success with UKG and Client-Side Services

    With a small HR team and the sheer volume of mergers and acquisitions, Patriot Growth Insurance Services faced the task of successfully deploying UKG. Recognizing the need for external expertise and performing due diligence, HRMS was selected to guide the UKG Ready and UKG Pro implementations.

    Listen to Bonnie Tinder, CEO & Founder of Raven Intelligence, lead a discussion as how HRMS became a crucial extension of Patriot’s team, providing guidance, consulting, and project management services throughout the implementation process.

    HR Transformation with UKG
  • Don’t Let Open Enrollment Stress You Out

    Open Enrollment is approaching! Are you prepared?

    If you are feeling overwhelmed, not sure where or when to being the process, or simply looking for guidance to help your open enrollment run more smoothly, this webinar is for you.

    Listen in as HRMS' team of experts share valuable insight into the UKG Benefits Classic OE process and help alleviate open enrollment stress.

    Don't Let Open Enrollment Stress You Out Webinar
  • Supporting Your UKG Journey to Its Full Potential

    What's next on your UKG journey?

    With access to more features and functionality, it's not uncommon to be overwhelmed by choices, time and available resources. Join HRMS Solutions’ Mike Maiorino and Sunshine Brown on what's next after launch, and the ideas on how you can get there. You'll even see a demo of one of those UKG Pro features you can start using today!

    Supporting Your UKG Journey to Its Full Potential
  • Evaluating UKG Implementation Partners

    In our 20th year of HR systems consulting, HRMS is proud to be leading the industry and our UKG consulting peers in overall satisfaction and quality of service. Through independent peer review site Raven Intelligence, consulting organizations are evaluated on several key benchmarks. These include evaluations on project satisfaction, project delivery, and the degree of overall value in the experience to help others in finding a "best fit" UKG implementation partner.

    Hear Raven’s Bonnie Tinder discuss the significance of these benchmarks, and what sets HRMS apart as a consulting partner.


    Implementing new software is always a challenge, even for the most flexible companies, but setting realistic goals and not rushing through the design process can lead to a successful outcome without any regrets. Always remember that it’s best to measure twice and cut once. Join Bonnie Tinder with Raven Intelligence, Mike Maiorino and Ben Munoz with HRMS Solutions, as they discuss the benefits of a thorough HCM implementation approach.


    The Holy Grail of Project Management addresses all of the challenges that affect project management including, unclear objectives, delays, and of course, your project team. In this 30 minute webcast, hear from industry leaders as they discuss the three main challenges of managing people and projects, and how technology—plus a new approach to capacity planning—can help ensure better outcomes and successful projects.

    Project Team Management-Holy Grail

    Review the current challenges in the congested HR technology landscape and examine recommendations to successfully evaluate, select and purchase HR, Payroll and Talent Management solutions to meet your specific requirements.


    IMA Executive Vice President Michael Waldman and HRMS Solutions' Founder & CEO Mike Maiorino share their expertise and discuss reasons why businesses choose to leave their PEO.