What Are Post Go-Live Services?

Go-Live might be the end of the initial UKG deployment, but it’s only the beginning or your UKG journey.

UKG solutions are powerful and comprehensive, but most organizations only use a fraction of their features. Post-Launch is the time to develop an optimization strategy to extract maximum value from your investment.

As your organization begins to incorporate UKG as its people management platform, Post Go-Live Services provide continuous system improvements for maximum user adoption and manage your most valuable asset your people.

Why Post Go-Live Services?

Beyond Launch, we have helped UKG clients increase system utilization, strengthen user adoption, and support organizational change.


How far did you veer from your original implementation plan? Did you compromise functionality to meet deadlines? Were all functional areas configured or are there remaining capabilities yet to deploy? Have your business processes evolved and, if so, has your system evolved with them? Acquired a new business or developed requirements not previously identified? Hired new team members that need training on system fundamentals?

Now that you are live with UKG it is time to fine-tune and explore what’s possible.


It’s a very common feeling as your team wants to take advantage of all that UKG offers but you’re not even sure of where and how to start. HRMS’ certified UKG consultants can step in and help fully map out your UKG journey. We help your team establish priorities and develop an action plan with best practice recommendations. Through a Health Assessment areas for improvement and unleveraged functionality will be identified. We’ll even train your end users on new and additional functionality in your system, increasing system adoption.

Post Go-Live service Offerings

  • Identify and prioritize areas for improvement and optimization

  • Conduct system health and security assessments

  • Enhance security and workflow processes

  • Create insightful reports and dashboards

  • Deliver merger & acquisition and growth support

  • Leverage product release updates and enhancements

  • Configure and deploy unused features and functionality

    • Talent Acquisition
    • Recruiting & Onboarding
    • Performance & Goals
    • Compensation
    • Benefits & Open Enrollment
    • HR Service Delivery
    • People Assist
  • Empower and engage team members with tailored solution training

  • Assist process change through best practice and efficiency insights

  • Unlock enterprise-wide systems with interfaces and integrations

  • Augment HR, payroll and talent teams with expert UKG resources

  • Revisit UKG utilization strategy and establish future phase deployment

Kick off your UKG growth Journey

Whether you are new to UKG or an existing client, we’re here to assist.

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What Our Clients Say

Our HRMS consultant made the M&A project super easy. I understood what my action items were along the way and was more confident working with HRMS than anyone else in the past. I would be interested in working with HRMS and their consultants on future projects. Great job team!

Payroll Manager
Medical Equipment Manufacturing

It’s been a pleasure working with you. It’s rare that I can work with someone that speaks the language and understands the detailed complexity of these things. I, for one, am grateful that HRMS was recommended and will definitely keep the number close in the event we need assistance in the future.

Payroll Manager