Bonnie Tinder (CEO & Founder of Raven Intelligence) is joined by Amanda Ofcharsky (Patriot Growth Insurance Services) and Jenny Rosengren (HRMS Solutions) as they discuss varying aspects of a successful HCM implementation and HR transformation with UKG, HRMS and Patriot Growth Insurance Services.

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HR Transformation Journey with UKG and HRMS Solutions

Patriot Growth Insurance Services (Patriot), a nationally recognized insurance brokerage firm known for its vigorous mergers and acquisitions activity, recently embarked on a HR transformation journey to streamline its processes and enhance efficiency. Amanda Ofcharsky, Director of HR Integrations and Operations at Patriot, and Jenny Rosengren, Client-Side Services Manager at HRMS Solutions (HRMS), share their experience and insight into the successful implementation of UKG software at Patriot Growth Insurance Services.

The HCM Challenge for Organizations with Merger and Acquisition Growth

Patriot Growth Insurance Services is no stranger to the world of mergers and acquisitions. With a reputation for growth and expansion, the company faced a unique challenge – integrating diverse agencies, each with its own HR systems and processes. The existing HR platform was proving inadequate to handle the complexities of the rapidly growing organization.

Amanda Ofcharsky, Director of HR Integrations and Operations at Patriot, explains, “Our company is very much into mergers and acquisitions, and our prior platform was just not able to accommodate our needs from a holistic perspective.”

To address this challenge, Patriot needed a new HR solution that could provide greater flexibility and configurability. Their goal was to allow each agency to maintain a level of autonomy while ensuring a common structure for HR processes.

▶️ Merger and Acquisitions Create HCM Solution Selection Challenges

The HCM Selection

Selecting the right HCM software was a critical decision for Patriot. They evaluated several vendors, including Workday, UKG, Ceridian, and ADP. Each option had its strengths, but one factor played a pivotal role in their decision.

Amanda notes, “The biggest decision for us was how much we could allow our agencies to see within the platform of the one that we would eventually choose.” In this regard, UKG stood out.

UKG’s software offered the flexibility to create custom permission groups for every user, allowing Patriot to tailor access and permissions according to each agency’s unique requirements.

▶️ HCM Solution Considerations and Ultimately Choosing UKG

The Implementation Journey with HRMS Solutions

Once the decision was made to implement UKG software, Patriot Growth Insurance Services faced the complex task of deployment. Given their small HR team and the sheer volume of mergers and acquisitions, they recognized the need for external expertise.

We did not consider doing it on our own. We had a very small team of four people—one payroll person, one benefits, and two HR professionals—and there was no way we’d be able to do it on our own.– Amanda Ofcharsky

This is where HRMS Solutions entered the picture. HRMS is a premier professional services consulting firm and a certified partner of UKG, specializing in UKG implementation services and HR transformation. They became a crucial extension of Patriot’s team, providing guidance, consulting, and project management services throughout the implementation process.

▶️ Measurements of UKG Implementation Success

The Role of HRMS Solutions in the HR Transformational Journey

Jenny Rosengren, Manager of Client-Side Services at HRMS, joined forces with Patriot to navigate the intricate process of HR transformation and expertly lead the Patriot team through the UKG implementation. Jenny sheds light on the role of a consulting firm in such endeavors.

We bring a deep dive into what they’re currently doing, what’s working, what’s not, and really work on addressing what their wishes are moving into the new system. – Jenny Rosengren

This partnership ensures that the new system aligns with the client’s unique needs and goals.

HRMS Solutions collaborated with Patriot to craft a comprehensive training plan, addressing various user groups within the organization. This plan included training videos, user guides, and one-page solution job aides, catering to different learning styles and preferences.

Jenny also highlighted the importance of a consulting firm in providing day-to-day assistance. Patriot had limited resources, and HRMS stepped in to bridge the gap, even helping with administrative tasks, testing and troubleshooting.

The Importance of Change Management During HR Transformation

One crucial aspect of any HR transformation is change management.

Patriot sent out instruction manuals and training materials to help employees adapt to the new system. However, Amanda suggests adding more video training resources for future implementations, acknowledging that not everyone is inclined to read lengthy documents.

Change management also involves preparing employees for a shift in their daily routines. Amanda mentions that Patriot employees were used to accessing HR information in one place, so the new platform needed to be smooth and HRMS was integral in this successful transition.

The Impact of HR Transformation

After successfully implementing the UKG software and navigating the complexities of HR transformation, Patriot Growth Insurance Services witnessed several positive outcomes.

Amanda shares, “The least amount of disruption to the employee population” was a significant success. Despite the challenges faced during the implementation, employees experienced minimal disruptions, ensuring continuity in day-to-day operations.

Moreover, the adaptability of employees was commendable. With their prior experience of accessing HR information in one place, most employees quickly adjusted to the new system. This ease of transition was a testament to effective change management and HRMS’ Client-Side services.

▶️ HRMS Creates Impactful Relationship with Patriot Growth Insurance Services

Read more about HRMS Solutions’ and our UKG Customer Reviews on Raven Intelligence.

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