Recruiting and Talent Management Solutions Overview

Providing the Recruiting and Talent Management Solutions Available For Your Business Today

Whether you are looking to replace your manual recruiting system or an existing vendor... HRMS Solutions can deliver the solutions you need to attain the desired project results. We represent several of the leading recruiting and talent management solutions on the market today.

We have partnered with these recruiting and talent management vendors because of their stability, capabilities, reputation and the results they have been able to deliver to our clients. We work closely with our customers to ensure the solution they select is the right fit for their business now and well into the future. You can be confident we have the expertise and experience to help you select, configure and implement the solutions you need to optimize your business. Our domain knowledge, technical skill, ability to deploy seasoned professionals in a timely and proven cost-effective manner positions us as the leading solutions provider for your project.

Our offerings include tools to facilitate:

  • Recruiting and Candidate Tracking
  • Candidate Self-Service
  • Source Qualified Talent
  • Smart emails
  • Intelligent Work-Flow
  • Automatic Alerts and Notifications
  • Parsing of Resumes
  • On-Boarding of New Hires
  • Track & Approve Requisitions
  • Route Resumes
  • Searchable Resume Databank
  • Career Portal
  • Online Applications
  • Agency Portal

Click the links below to learn more about our Recruiting and Talent Management Solutions:

Cyber Recruiter

Cyber Recruiter helps Recruiting and Hiring Managers leverage the entire talent acquisition process from requisition management to the on-boarding process of a new candidate. Cyber will enhance communication and significantly reduce the time to fill open positions. Cyber Recruiter is one of the few recruiting solutions that is offered in traditional on-premise purchase model utilizing SQL Server technology or a hosted SaaS model.

Cyber Train

Cyber Train is a web-based, on-premise, role oriented training management system designed to manage employee training requirements, enrollments, and certifications, easily and accurately. This simple to use tool empowers supervisors, instructors and employees by making information regarding classes, course requirements, programs and certifications available via the web and not just through the HR Department.

SilkRoad OpenHire

SilkRoad's OpenHire solution is a premier cloud-based recruiting management and candidate tracking system that can help your company hire the best employee talent, cut costs and reduce paper.

SilkRoad WingSpan

SilkRoad's WingSpan solution is a cloud-based performance management tool faciliates a perfect alignment between corporate strategy and the day-to-day activities of employees is a goal of every forward-looking organization.

SilkRoad RedCarpet

SilkRoad's RedCarpet onboarding and life events solution effectively manages onboarding, offboarding and every employee life cycle event in between.

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