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Workday Payroll Co-Sourcing by OneSource Virtual provides a complete solution. OneSource Virtual allows you to make the most of your investment with Workday Mid-Market HCM by leveraging your existing data for processing and creating one Real-Time System.

As a result, Workday and OneSource Virtual provide a cloud-based alternative to traditional payroll outsourcing giving you better control and visibility of your data.

By Using Workday Payroll Co-Sourcing, You Can:

  • Outsource payroll tax compliance including Federal, State and Locals including processing of daily, quarterly and annual tax obligations
  • Leverage the advanced capabilities of Workday Mid-Market HCM and seamlessly incorporate that information into your payroll
  • Eliminate the need to transmit data to a processing center or wait for mainframe batch processing
  • Process garnishments, direct deposit, check printing and distribution, W-2 and Year-End processing to all of the appropriate agencies
  • Allow employees to access on-line paystubs and W-2's

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Workday Payroll Offers A Complete Solution for Companies

  • Processes on-demand payrolls including supplemental taxing for bonus checks
  • Deduction arrears processing
  • Allocation of wages to multiple cost centers
  • Full multi-jurisdiction and reciprocity functionality
  • Full integration to Workday Absence Management and Workday Benefits Administration
  • Automatic GTL insurance imputed income calculation
  • Garnishment processing, levies and withholding orders in accordance with the regulations in effect for every regulatory authority in the U.S.
  • FLSA Compliance

Built-in Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is embedded in Workday Payroll, providing easy access and reporting on all payroll data, including the ability to retrieve any value for any period of time, on the fly.

  • Use pre-defined reports for the most common and critical information
  • Perform comprehensive audits against your pay results using any criteria you define
  • Access pay results in any format


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