Elsa has 5+ years of combined UKG client-side and implementation experience with a primary focus in the HR and payroll areas. She is continually focused on learning new skills, increasing her consultative competencies and finding creative ways to enhance existing workforce management processes. Elsa has always had a strong desire to succeed and helping those around her become successful as well. With each client engagement, her main objective is to empower her customer’s by building their confidence and knowledge in the UKG system. Elsa believes it is important to keep an open mind going into every project and that continuous learning is key. She takes immense pride in helping her customers achieve their goals.

Fun Facts

Elsa’s love for travel can only be surpassed by her love of food. Traveling the world and getting the opportunity to try new authentic dishes would be a dream come true. Elsa and her husband never turn down an opportunity for a road trip! Elsa is also an adrenaline junkie and has yet to come across a roller coaster she has not dared to ride.