Over the past 20 years, Kay has been a highly qualified and top-performing payroll executive specializing in payroll management. She is credentialed as a Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) and Human Resource Project Manager (HRPM).

In all of her payroll professional roles, Kay has been a trusted partner to manage a business’ vital payroll functions so that executives, employees, HR, accounting and IT team members can focus on their respective responsibilities without the need to worry about payroll compliance at the local, state and federal level, tax obligations, and quite simply accurately paying the workforce consistently on time and error free. Kay has led several award-winning customer service teams. She has a positive outlook and prides herself on building strong, long-lasting relationships with every client. Kay makes it a point with each project she manages that they understand “The Why.” Change, progress and success never really take place organizationally until “The Why” is understood.

Fun Facts

Kay’s heart is in servicing others. In union with her husband, they currently provide resources for women and children who were previously homeless. With their assistance, these individuals can obtain the necessary personal and household items that would not be available to them otherwise. When Kay is not serving others, she enjoys spending time with her sons, grandson and two Shiba Inu.