Sunshine has worn many hats and effectively operated in a variety of roles at HRMS. Her greatest skill is the uncanny ability to understand the needs of a client, the talent across the entire HRMS consulting services team, and become a master client-to-consultant ‘match maker’. Each of these pairings has proven to meet or exceed project objectives and ultimately achieve implementation success. Striving to increase customer advocacy and satisfaction, she now works primarily with clients who are already live on UKG Pro. Her goal is to assist clients further the return on their investment by helping to optimize and expand their use of the application.

Fun Facts

One of HRMS’ core values is striving for excellence. Sunshine believes in this principle not only at work, but at home as well. When she’s not speaking with clients about how to improve their utilization of UKG solutions, she is training for some form of physical fitness challenge or enjoying adventures traveling to new places with her husband and four children.