HRMS is a sales and implementation services company representing a portfolio of Payroll Technology solutions for small and mid-market businesses. These solutions offer you a choice for Payroll, HR and Talent Management solutions for companies that have 75 to 7,500 employees throughout the United States and Canada.

Payroll is a critical business process for employers. Employees depend on their paychecks and expect that their employer pay them accurately and on time. If there is one piece of software that has the capability to affect the relationship between employees and their employer in a negative way, it is your payroll software/vendor. There is little argument that payroll is typically a company’s largest expense and requires extensive reporting to governmental agencies for tax reporting and payments. Payroll processing is very transactional and offers very little in terms of strategic value to the organization’s growth and has become more complicated with the Affordable Care Act.

Many organizations choose to process their payroll either with an on- premise software solution, a cloud-based payroll provider or with an outsourced provider. We will discuss the differences of these three options in the Guide. We believe businesses review the way in which they process payroll every 5-7 years to ensure that their existing payroll system continues to meet their business requirements at a competitive price.

The primary focus of this Payroll Planning Guide is to help you evaluate a payroll solution for your organization. With so many payroll options available today, it’s hard to know which solution is the best fit for your company.

It is our opinion that payroll software should be transparent and should do its job in an effective and timely manner. Systems are a vital component of your business. Having modern business systems in place will ensure the effective running of your business operations.


We believe the lack of a balanced approach to selecting a vendor is one of the most significant pitfall an organization can make when evaluating and purchasing a new solution. Based on our research and extensive experience implementing Payroll solutions, the chart below is a visual representation of how unsuccessful projects are typically evaluated by a project team.



Here’s what we’ll cover in the Full Payroll Planning Guide:

  • Overview of the Payroll Planning Guide
  • Classification of Vendors by Delivery Model
  • Getting Your Payroll Project Justified and Funded
  • Recommended Evaluation Criteria for Payroll Solutions
  • Best Practice Criteria for Evaluation of Payroll Solutions
  • Defining Project Functional Requirements
  • Software Deployment Side-by-Side Comparison Models
  • Recommended Evaluation Approach for Vendor Selection
  • Mistakes to Avoid When Implementing a Payroll System
  • Recommendations