Comprehensive HR & Payroll management for the U.S. and Canada

A Complete Single System of Record for HR & Payroll

A Complete Single System of Record for HR & Payroll

All of the tools a busy HR department needs to track, monitor and streamline internal processes, starting with applications, hiring, status changes and promotions, all the way through termination. Major functionality includes Recruiting, Training and Development, Performance Reviews, Benefits Administration, Salary and Wage Administration, Compensation and Benefits, Safety and Risk Management, Workflows, Background Checks, Self Service, Document Management, Reporting & Dashboards, both U.S. and Canadian Compliance Reporting and much more.

Payroll - U.S. and Canada

Payroll - U.S. and Canada

Vista HRMS' Payroll component provides powerful tools to accurately pay your U.S. and Canadian employees and streamline the entire payroll process, using the latest technologies. Capabilities include Time Collection, Calendars and Auto-pay Generation, On-demand Check Calculation, Tax Maintenance Service, Retroactive Pay, Labor Distribution and GL, Historical Tracking, Self Service e-checks, e-deposits, e-W-2s, and e-T4s. Vista HRMS Payroll also includes Standard Reports, U.S. Reporting (Federal, State, W-2's), Canadian Reporting (Federal, Provincial, T4, T4a), and Optional Tax Filing Service.

Dashboard Analytics

Dashboard Analytics

Vista Analytics provides real-time visibility into important metrics for corporate success. Turn information into vital action plans and strategies. There are dozens of predefined analytics, or create unlimited additional metrics that reflect your business. Switch between graphical and grid displays, scheduled calculations, automatic alerts when values fall outside defined tolerance limits, interactive, drill-down analyses and more!

Core Features

Core HRIS & Payroll

Unlike other systems that offer separate, often disjointed modules for every facet of HRMS, the Vista HRMS suite includes functionality to support a full-breadth of tools in one single core HRMS.


Streamline the entire candidacy to hire process, with tools to plan and approve requisitions, an applicant portal with knock out questions, the ability to rank candidates & schedule interviews.

Benefits Administration

Everything you need to automate the most complex benefit plans, including beneficiaries, open enrollment, employee benefit statements, leave accruals and tools to manage compliance with ACA.


Empower employees and managers, while streamlining process. View personal data, enter leave requests, apply for positions, distribute forms and documents, benefits enrollment wizard and more.

Workflows, Alerts & Notifications

The Workflow engine is integrated throughout the product, so any action can be automated through an approval process. Use a sample workflow template to easily setup a workflow.


A configurable toolset that provides real-time visibility into important metrics to help Vista HRMS users make more informed decisions.

Position Control and Budgeting

Manage your resource budget, measure trends, and better forecast the future. Manage by full-time equivalents and dollars, and readily evaluate budgeted versus actual expenses.

Time & Attendance

Vista HRMS connects with nettime solutions to provide a state-of-the-art, cloud-based time and attendance option to automate time capture and help your organization comply with labor laws.


This integrated query tool allows managers to ask questions in the English language without technical assistance and the tool does the rest automatically.

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