HRIS Planning Guide 2021


HRMS is a sales and implementation services company representing a portfolio of leading HR Technology solutions for small and mid-market businesses. These solutions offer you a choice for HR and Talent Management solutions for companies that have 75 to 7,500 employees throughout the United States and Canada.

Human Capital is arguably the most important resource within an organization today. This has become even more apparent in a competitive global economy.

We believe it is critical for companies to invest in HR technology to establish the infrastructure and business processes to acquire, train, assess, develop and lead their employees in the most effective and efficient way possible to gain market share.

The intent of this Planning Guide is to help your organization begin the process of narrowing the search for HRIS vendors to ensure their software solutions meet your project requirements – features, functionality, delivery model, customer support, vendor viability, vendor vision, and price.

To help simplify the search for a HRIS, we have classified the providers of HRIS systems into six distinct categories. This classification will help you begin the process of narrowing your search for a qualified vendor.


We believe that the lack of a balanced approach to selecting a vendor is one of the most significant pitfalls an organization can make when evaluating and purchasing a solution.

Based on our research and extensive experience implementing HRIS solutions, the chart below is a visual representation of how unsuccessful projects are evaluated.


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Here’s what we’ll cover in the Full HRIS Planning Guide:

  • Classification of Vendors by Delivery Model
  • Classification of Vendors by Vertical Offering
  • Getting Your HRIS Project Justified and Funded
  • Recommended Evaluation Criteria for HRIS Project
  • Best Practice Criteria for Evaluation of a HRIS
  • Defining Project Functional Requirements
  • Software Deployment Side-by-Side Comparison Models
  • Recommended Evaluation Approach for HRIS Vendor Selection
  • Mistakes to Avoid When Implementing a HRIS Solution
  • Recommendations