Smoother UKG Pro Implementation Process with HRMS Solutions

Ensuring successful project outcome

Liquid Environmental Solutions (LES), is the nation’s largest, exclusively non-hazardous US wastewater collection and disposal company. As the most trusted recycler of liquid waste, LES focuses on the collection, treatment and beneficial reuse of non-hazardous liquids from a wide variety of waste sources.


Benefits and Payroll Specialist, Valerie Hall, is grateful that Liquid Environmental Solutions was able to utilize HRMS’ services to help them through the UKG Pro implementation process.

The value received from HRMS’ services was definitely a hands-on experience with the Liquid Environmental Solutions (LES) HR team.

HRMS came out and spent a few days blue printing the implementation process and providing details pertaining to the work and services HRMS was going to provide for LES throughout the UKG Pro (fka UltiPro) implementation.

The HRMS representative made sure LES was a priority. Any time the LES team needed any assistance the HRMS consultant was right there being their right-hand. If LES required help with business intelligence or other reporting needs, HRMS was there to assist.

HRMS provided immediate response to questions asked from LES and ensured the day-to-day steps of the UltiPro implementation process were completed. With HRMS’ help, the weight was lifted off the LES team and the implementation was a smoother process.

The one word I would use to describe HRMS would be excellent.

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