Client-Side Implementation Services and the Impact on Buyer’s Remorse

September 30, 2020

Looking to make a change from your HCM provider because of poor service?


Client-side Implementation Services

We recently read a study published by Kelton Global that nearly 8 in 10 (77%) HR decision makers say they regret their choice of their HCM provider. This is a staggering number considering the level of effort it takes to evaluate vendors and the exorbitant amount of information accessible to buyers today. No time in history has there been more readily available information for buyers of HR technology to use in assisting them source and select the most appropriate HRIS, payroll, time and talent management solution. So why then are 77% of businesses, according to the Kelton Global study, so disappointed with their vendor of choice? The study indicates “Poor Service” as the number one cause of buyer’s regret amongst those interviewed, but we believe that the lack of client-side implementation services had an impact on buyer’s remorse as well. And should these firms surveyed have added and utilized client-side implementation services for their HCM implementation, the outcome would have been significantly better.

What Are Client-Side Implementation Services? 

Client-side implementation services are consulting services intended to supplement and fill the gaps of a client’s implementation team. In no way does client-side implementation services replace or augment any of the responsibilities by your HCM vendor. Client-side implementation services are offered by third-party consulting firms and typically recommended by your HCM vendor. The intent of the client-side resources is to work closely with your project team, in fact, I’d say more like part of your team, managing the project and acting in your best interest to ensure a successful project outcome.

A Detailed Description of Client-Side Implementation Services?

Client-side Implementation Services are a combination of several major implementation project tasks delivered by the partner. The primary deliverable components include:

Top Reasons Why Buyer’s Invest in Client-Side Implementation Services?
Client-Side Implementation Services and the Impact on Buyer’s Remorse 

It’s not unusual for businesses to reevaluate their existing HRIS, payroll, time and talent management systems every 5 to 7 years. And as buyers become more educated about implementing a new HCM systems and the pitfalls related to the deployment, we believe client-side implementation services are going to be considered more often to help safe guard against difficult and unsuccessful implementations. Again, according to the Kelton Global study, consulting services were a major reason why buyers experienced remorse and regret in their vendor selection.

In our experience the planning and design phase of an HCM implementation is the most critical component of the entire project. It’s not uncommon to see the vendor’s services team engage shortly after contracts have been executed and begin asking the client’s project team system design related questions. We believe the lack of understanding and application orientation at this early stage is a major cause for incorrect system design potentially delaying the implementation, creating client unhappiness and buyer’s remorse. Without a comprehensive understanding of the new system’s capabilities and configuration alternatives, clients will not realize the significance of their decisions until it is too late. Client-Side Implementation Services help ensure the goals and objectives are met, provides comprehensive planning and system design choices, and an overall better implementation experience.

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