With The Right People Backing You Anything Is Possible

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, CSW Industrials is a diversified industrial growth company with well-established, scalable platforms and domain expertise across two segments: Industrial Products and Specialty Chemicals.


Tiffany Schunn, Manager of Benefits and Compensation, shares that there was no way CSW Industrials could have managed the UltiPro implementation without the knowledge that HRMS provided.

The previous HRS system was not suitable or sustainable for CSW, so they decided to take time to find a software company that was going to meet their needs, ultimately deciding on Ultimate Software (nka UKG). During the Ultimate contract negotiation process HRMS was recommended as a preferred and formidable partner specializing in just UltiPro implementations. From the beginning, CSW knew the relationship with HRMS was going to be a great partnership and that HRMS would be a great fit.

Knowing that CSW had 800 employees, seven different businesses globally and a very lean HR team, Tiffany knew she needed a support system. She knew she needed a partner that could assist her with not only actually doing the work, but also providing the knowledge of UltiPro capabilities and what the Ultimate services team was asking from CSW during the implementation process.

HRMS took the time to come on site at the beginning of the project to really get to know CSW, the company, their needs, and how they could help CSW by implementing the correct things in the system and get CSW where they needed to be. HRMS knew exactly what CSW needed before CSW even knew that they needed it. HRMS definitely exceeded CSW’s expectations.

If you’re considering hiring HRMS Solutions, please do. It is well worth your time.


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