Creare Creates More Efficient HR Management with Sage HRMS and Cyber Recruiter

Creare provides advanced engineering services to a national and international customer base, including applied research, prototype and technology development, analysis and modeling, laboratory and field testing, design and product development and more

Innovative Company Seeks HR Technology

In Latin, creare means “to create.” It’s an appropriate name for a research and development firm that has been providing creative solutions to the most challenging of engineering problems since 1961. Creare is known for being on the cutting edge of technology and scientific development, and while many effective HR systems evolved over  its 50 years of operation, the Creare management team sought an HR technology tool to mirror the company’s reputation for engineering innovation.

HR administrator, Kelly Koloski, says “a centralized HR system such as the Sage HRMS product provides the integration that supports our corporate growth and development. Such a system prepares us well as we move into our next 50 years”

After receiving initial recommendations from an outside consultant, the team at Creare focused its search on a single point-of-entry HRIS solution. One of the key components was the ability to integrate with Deltek GCS Premier, the firm’s existing software for accounting, payroll, and project billing. “It was essential that our new HR software linked seamlessly with Deltek,” explains Jody Schubert, Human Resources Manager at Creare. “That was an especially critical determinant.”

“We considered ADP, but in the end, we chose Sage HRMS  because Deltek’s GCS Premier utility could be configured to link the two systems together,” relates Koloski .

Schubert talked with HR colleagues who had positive experiences with Sage HRMS, but ultimately, it was a presentation by HRMS Solutions, a Washington D.C.-based solution provider specializing in human resources, that sealed the deal.

“We had an excellent demonstration by HRMS Solutions,” recalls Koloski. “The solution consultant has been in the HR field and is a long time user of Sage. The clarity of her explanations and depth of her product knowledge were immediately evident. Not to mention her customer service was exceptional.”

Centralized Data Improves HR Efficiency

Once Creare implemented Sage HRMS, the HR department fully realized the benefits of a comprehensive HR system. Now, all of the information the HR department needs resides in one place with instant access. “It’s so much easier to enter our data in one place rather than enter the same information into five separate databases,” Koloski explains. “With Sage HRMS, our records are complete. The integrity of our data has improved.”

“The information is at your fingertips as opposed to downstairs or in another office or building,” adds Schubert.

Koloski appreciates the way HRMS Solutions customized Sage HRMS to meet Creare’s needs. “With the intuitive user interfaces, we can access our data in multiple ways. It adapts to our needs, with user defined fields that we can use to track information unique to our industry,” she says.

Benefits Management and Online Enrollment Save Time

Sage HRMS enables the team at Creare to simplify and automate their benefits management tasks. They can set up an unlimited number of benefit plans, track employees enrolled in each plan, monitor costs, and create benefit reports.

Koloski and Schubert notice a significant time savings by offering online open enrollment to employees. “Previously, I manually entered everyone’s insurance elections into a spreadsheet, created a merge document to print benefit statements, and then reentered all of the information into the payroll system,” describes Koloski. “Now, employees complete an online form, and I simply upload the data. I can easily print benefits statements and then transfer the data to accounting and the payroll system. It’s a much more efficient and streamlined system and a great time saver.

Sage HRMS offers over 100 standard reports, including reports that help with benefits management. “I need to verify charges from our insurance company each month,” explains Koloski. “The reports that I generate in Sage HRMS help me reconcile the invoices quickly and with confidence, I know our bill is accurate.

Compliance Made Easier With Robust Reports

With the advanced capabilities for building reports in Sage HRMS, Schubert and Koloski have an easier time ensuring compliance with federal laws and record-keeping requirements. Koloski uses the standard reports for EEO and Vets 100 reporting, and she creates queries to complete affirmative action reporting as well.

“While Sage HRMS comes with a very nice suite of standard reports, utilizing Crystal Reports to build our own queries has given us the robust report writer we needed,” says Schubert.

Cyber Recruiter Enhances Candidate Experience

Creare depends on its highly-skilled engineers and staff members to provide the technical research and development their clients demand. By implementing Cyber Recruiter, a web-based recruiting and candidate self-service solution, the Creare recruitment process now has the advantage of the most current HR technology. The tool is very professional for the HR staff, the applicant and the company.

With the capability to facilitate online job postings, paperless applications, interviews, offer letters, and on-boarding, Cyber Recruiter has greatly reduced the clerical support needed for Creare’s recruitment process while providing more time for higher level HR department contributions.

“There is a greatly reduced time lag in the system from the time we receive the application to employment actions,” says Koloski. “Previously, an assistant manually entered all of the data into a Microsoft Access database. Now, the candidate enters that information online, and we bring it into our system. This feature alone has saved us hundreds of hours in employee time.”

Schubert likes the electronic routing features. “We no longer route paper resumes to our hiring champions,” she explains. “It’s all done electronically, this allows for multiple reviewers to view and comment on  resumes concurrently. Our evaluation process is faster, more efficient and more thorough.”

Schubert also knows that the applicants benefit from the faster review process, as well as the follow-up that Cyber Recruiter allows Creare to provide. “It’s a smooth process that is easy for the candidate. They can revisit their application to check their  status without the help of HR staff. We can notify every candidate regarding the outcome of their application,” Schubert reports.

HRMS Solutions Expertise Essential to Success

Creare depended on the expertise and experience of the staff at HRMS Solutions to centralize their employee data for recruitment, HR, payroll, and accounting purposes. Schubert has been impressed by their willingness to adapt the HRMS solutions to Creare’s specific needs.

“I’m very impressed by their product knowledge, their appreciation of how our systems work and their flexibility in trying to merge the two for best outcomes .”

“The whole team has been very supportive,” says Koloski. “We have been fortunate to work with some very capable consultants.”

“Overall, there’s a greater sense of professionalism for the HR department and for Creare,” concludes Schubert. “When we train new personnel or manage an audit,  or complete our daily work, we are very pleased to have a state-of-the art system that instills confidence and matches our company’s reputation as a cutting edge technology firm. We have met our goals.”

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